WISE Digest: Week of Nov, 27


WISE Members Selected to Speak at Safety 2018

Congratulations to the following members who were selected to speak at Safety 2018. If you were selected, please share your story on the WISE Facebook page.

  • Louise Vallee: “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: IAQ Office and Industrial Case Studies”
  • Crystal Turner and Reagan Branch: “Women in Construction: Case Studies on Health, Safety and Workplace Culture”
  • Kristin Kelley Herman: “L’Oreal and the Hummingbird – Beauty in Safety”
  • Lori Frederic: “Get More Buy-In From Stretch-and-Flex Programs (hint: bring them out of the 80s)”
  • Abby Ferri: “Elevate Your Presence! A Safety Pro’s Guide to Leveraging Social Media”
  • Abby Ferri and Tim Page-Bottorff: “Emotional Safety: Lessons From the True Tales of Two Storytelling Safety Pros”
  • Kelly Bernish and Rosa Antonia Carrillo: “How Is Your Psychological Safety Doing?”
  • Jennifer Harris: “Practicing Safety Differently: A Small Company’s Journey to a New Safety Culture”
  • Rachel Slivensky Raynor: “This IS My Circus! These ARE My Monkey! Taming Your Safety Committee”
  • Adele Abrams: “The New Treacherous Triangle: OSHA, ADA and Medical Marijuana”
  • Kat Dobson: “Recruiting, Retaining and Keeping Women in Construction Safe”

WISE Member Publishes Book

image002Wendy Delmater Thies has published a book: Confessions of a Female Safety Engineer. Wendy’s book takes you through more than 20 years of the highs and lows of New York City construction work, with an eye for the ridiculous and the pathos of being a pioneering woman in a “man’s world.” From being in NYC during the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks to trying to explain why refilling a fire extinguisher with pure oxygen is a bad idea, every day is an adventure for a woman who became a safety engineer to provide for her family while making sure the workers on her projects went home to theirs. Find the book on Goodreads.

ChapterWISE Roundup

Looking for activities for your local ChapterWISE team? Here are some great examples of what’s going on around the world at the chapter level. Feel free to contact the ChapterWISE contacts listed for more information.

Arizona (Melissa Schmaltz)

Arizona WISE had a team of about 25 for Making Strides Against Breast Cancer. This is the fourth time the group has organized a team. This year's team T-shirts were sponsored and the group raised more than $1,000.


Bakersfield (Lisa Marriott-Smith)

In October, the Bakersfield ChapterWISE team held a professional development meeting on the topic, "Wellness & Safety Go Together Like Carrots & Peas." The session was presented by Anna Frank, wellness specialist at Kern High School District and owner of Happy Whole You.

Southern Oregon (Tanya Haakinson)

The Southern Oregon ChapterWISE team had a WISE booth at the annual safety conference and staffed the ribbon board to create an opportunity to talk about WISE, hand out WISE water bottles and sign up members.

Georgia (Stacey Brooks)

image003The Georgia ChapterWISE team has a four-member steering that plans WISE events, which includes giving a WISE message during the announcements at the monthly chapter meeting.

The George ChapterWISE team’s second Lunch-n-Learn event on Oct. 25 drew 21 attendees. David Kelly, a professional trainer, motivator and servant leader, shared "Secrets of Motivation and Using Time Effectively," and energized the whole audience. OSHA's Atlanta East office provided free meeting space for the event.



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