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OSHA Guidelines a Step in the Right Direction, But Program Management Standard Needed

Last week, OSHA issued a draft of its updated Safety and Health Program Management Guidelines for public review. This is the first update to these guidelines since 1989, and OSHA says the revisions are based on lessons learned from its voluntary programs as well as consensus standards such as ANSI/ASSE Z10 and OHSAS 18001.

While the updated guidelines are "a step in the right direction," ASSE believes the country needs an OSHA standard that would require all employers to develop and implement such plans. "A well-written OSHA standard could help every U.S employer move toward the safety and health management approaches that the best employers already use to protect workers and their profit margins," says 2015-16 ASSE President Michael Belcher, CSP. "It could also bring the U.S. closer to more effective regulatory approaches increasingly being used by our international competitors. We encourage OSHA not to let these guidelines be the agency’s last and best effort in moving the nation toward a more effective approach to protecting workers.”

New ISO Standards for Public Warnings


Two new standards from International Organization for Standardization (ISO) aim to help organizations responsible for public warnings develop structured emergency responses for informing risk populations. (read more)

4 Steps to Helping Employees Stay & Grow


According to a report on employee engagement and organizational culture, less than a quarter ... (read more)

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