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Meet Rand McNally, ASSE's First Public Director

ASSE board member Brad Giles recently spoke with new ASSE public director Rand McNally to gain some insight on his business experience, including his thoughts on leadership, as well as his personal story related to occupational safety. McNally is the first public director in ASSE's history and ASSE's board will look to him for additional insight on how business leaders think, prioritize and make decisions. Watch our video of their conversation.

Amp Up Machinery Safety With ANSI B11


Machinery safety is an issue faced by most OSH professionals at some point during their careers. (read more)

New ISO Standards for Public Warnings


Two new standards from International Organization for Standardization (ISO) aim to help organizations responsible for public warnings develop structured emergency responses for informing risk populations. (read more)

Hearing Conservation App Encourages Workplace Hearing Safety


Honeywell’s new hearing conservation app provides interactive ...  (read more)

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