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Today's Highlights from EHS Works:
Second Steel Safety Day


Today is the second annual Steel Safety Day, an initiative launched by World Steel Association (worldsteel).(read more)

ASSE Releases Mother's Day Public Service Announcement


Earlier today, ASSE released its first-ever video public service announcement (PSA) promoting women’s occupational safety and health in honor of Mother’s Day, Sunday, May 10. (read more)

ASSE & NIOSH Issue Joint Report on At-Risk Workers

NIOSH reportASSE and NIOSH announced a joint report  today that explores overlapping vulnerabilities facing young Hispanic immigrants who work in the construction industry. The report examines why this population is at increased risk for injury and death on the job. NIOSH and ASSE plan to work with community groups, national safety organizations, U.S. safety agencies and various Latin American consulates to develop tools to help this employee group and its employers better manage occupational hazards. The report announcement dovetails with the Society's America's At-Risk Workers symposium currently underway at the National Press Club in Washington, DC.


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Health & Wellness

Healthy Workers & Work Environment Helps Prevent Employee Burnout


A Harris Poll conducted for Virgin Pulse, a health promotion company, revealed that 98% of senior executives believe healthy living can help workers from experiencing job burnout.  (read more)

Employees Finding Meaning In Work Can Benefit Companies, Employee Mental Health


Research reported on in the American Heart Association (AHA) journal Stroke suggests that the brains of individuals who feel they have purpose and direction in life might age better than those who do not.  (read more)

Fall Protection

Help Create Better Protections for Communication Tower Workers


The cell phones and other mobile devices we've all come to rely on demand greater wireless coverage and that means building and maintaining more communication towers.

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