Contact Sam Smith at ssmith@asse.org for your custom sponsorship proposal.

Customized Opportunities

Whether looking for a one-time opportunity or a strategic sponsorship package, organizations seeking to maximize their alignment with ASSE will enjoy offerings such as:

  • Priority Points. Annual sponsors (minimum $10,000) receive points that affect booth selection on the expo floor
  • Prominent Recognition. Through all ASSE channels (events/web/print) for sustainable results, subjectmatter expertise showcasing, flexible terms, exclusive recognition in Professional Safety (restrictions apply), feature articles, a full accountability report, first right of refusal and more.

Professional Development Conference: June 2015 - Dallas, TX

ASSE's annual conference draws more than 4,000 attendees. As the largest and most seniorlevel annual event for SH&E professionals, the conference features more than 250 education sessions with targeted tracks. Learn more at www.safety2015.org. Sponsorship opportunities include: roundtable discussions, education sessions, General Session Speakers and more (subject to availability).

Decision Makers With Buying Power

  • 85% of PDC attendees have buying influence on at least one major product category exhibited at the expo.
  • 65% of PDC attendees are decision makers as presidents/owners, safety directors, managers, engineers or consultants.
  • Nearly one-third control budgets ranging from $100,000 to more than $1 million.
  • Nearly 50% of PDC attendees plan to spend $50,000 or more in the next 12 months.
  • Nearly 80% of PDC attendees have 10 or more years of experience.

SeminarFest - 1st Quarter - Las Vegas, NV
With more than 700 attendees, SeminarFest is ASSE's second largest annual event. Learn more here.

  • Pre-event marketing with links to sponsor URL, tabletop exhibiting, speaking opportunities, attendee list, and more.

Live Symposia Throughout the Year
During the year, ASSE conducts live 1- and 2-day symposia on various hot topics. Attendance ranges from 125 to more than 200. Learn more here.

  • Pre-event marketing with links to sponsor URL, table-top exhibiting, speaking opportunities, attendee list and more.

2015 Leadership Conference (2.5 days) - 4th Quarter - Chicago Area
Designed for ASSE's national network of chapter, region, practice specialty and Society leaders. Sponsors can network with regional professionals to better understand local needs while building a valuable set of national contacts.

  • Pre-event marketing with links to sponsor URL, table-top exhibiting, speaking opportunities, attendee list, and more.

ASSE Education Strategic Sponsors
Executive Program in Safety Management - Certificate in Safety Management Be recognized for your alignment with ASSE's leading certification programs. Build and strengthen customer loyalty and/or incentive your team through professional advancement. Executive program provides unique opportunity to network with senior-level professionals.

  • Executive Program Category Exclusive Sponsorships $15,000
  • Certificate Program Category Exclusive Sponsorships $10,000
    • Complimentary registrations (restrictions apply), marketing recognition with links to sponsor URL, table-top exhibiting, speaking opportunities, webinars, attendee list, etc.

ASSE Targeted Audiences - 18 Practice Specialties
Select from 18 different ASSE practice specialities (based on availability). Each practice specialty has its own communication channels (events and web-based) that offer unique and exclusive recognition. Learn more.

  • Practice Specialty Sponsorships $10,000
    • Marketing recognition on website and in newsletters, content contribution (subject to ASSE approval),
      links to sponsor URL, first right of refusal, etc.

ASSE Web-Based Programming - Virtual Symposia & Webinars
During the year ASSE conducts virtual 1- to 2-day symposia on hot topics. Attendance ranges from 100 to more than 200. Sponsors can interact with attendees through the virtual trade show. Learn more about Virtual Symposia.ASSE also conducts 2 to 3 webinars per month on various topics. Attendance ranges from 70 to more than 200. Sponsors can select from existing webinars or work with ASSE to develop a webinar. More on webinars.

  • Virtual Symposia Sponsorships $2,500
  • Webinar Sponsorships $1,000 - $10,000+
    • Pre-event marketing with links to sponsor URL, virtual exhibiting, speaking opportunities, attendee
      list, etc.

Body of Knowledge
ASSE is building the go-to online resource for SH&E professionals. Unique opportunity to be recognized within industry-specific sectors that align with your products and services. Call ASSE for sponsorship packages.

  • Multi-media marketing with links to sponsor URL, dedicated BOK website recognition, subject-matter expertise showcase (subject to ASSE approval), analytics, etc.

Sustainability Index & Center
ASSE is developing the foundational tools for defining and measuring SH&E values for an organization's sustainability objectives. To learn how your organization can get involved, contact Sam Smith (ssmith@asse.org) on ASSE's corporate relations team.

2015 ASSE Sponsor Program Participants


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