Vol. 14, No. 1

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Upcoming Events
Jan. 7
Webinar: Occupational and Educational Eye and Face Protective Devices: A Live Webcast on the ANSI/ASSE Z87.1-2003 Standard
Jan. 13
Webinar: Complacency: The Silent Killer
Jan. 17
Math Review
Jan. 18-20
ASP Workshop
Jan. 18-20
Managing the Business Aspects of Safety
Jan. 18-20
Safety Management I
Jan. 20
Webinar: Implementing the New NFPA 70E Electrical Safety Requirements
Jan. 21-22
Safety Management II
Jan. 21-22
Delivering a High-Performance Safety Management System
Jan. 21-23
CSP Workshop
Jan. 26-28
Virtual Symposium: Solutions in Safety Training

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Long-Service Recognition

25 Years

Michael J. Adams, Four Corners
Barbara J. Aguon, Columbia-Willamette
William F. Alcarese, Chesapeake
Vicki Allen-Buglisi, Arizona
Saleh M. Almosaad, Middle East
John W. Alsop, St. Louis
Kenneth J. Anderson, Colorado
Perry L. Anderson, Puget Sound
Robert J. Anderson Sr., Wisconsin
Tom S. Anderson, Northeastern Illinois
Wayne M. Anderson, Cape Canaveral
Philip E. Andrews, Southwest
Michael J. Arendt, Central New York
Randall R. Armstrong, Gulf Coast
Matthew C. Augustine, Western Pennsylvania
Robert B. Bahus, Greater Calumet
Gary L. Baldwin, Great Plains
Richard S. Baldwin, Alabama
James L. Barfield, Cape Canaveral
Tony Baranowski, Heart of America
Charles D. Barker Jr., Cape Canaveral
Joseph B. Barsky, Greater San Jose
William A. Barsotti, Columbia-Willamette
Barry G. Bates, Sacramento
Leslie M. Batterson, Greater Chicago
Arthur W. Beers, Tarheel
Patrick L. Beihl, Acadiana
Paul D. Bemore, Arizona
Michael K. Betts, Gulf Coast
Arthur F. Billington II, Georgia
Bruce F. Birdwell, Gulf Coast
Lori J. Birkholz, Northwest
Ronald P. Blanchette, Granite State
Mark A. Bollinger, Central Pennsylvania
Joseph Bothel, Tarheel
David E. Boutin, Connecticut Valley
Tracy K. Bramlett, Southwest
Theodore W. Braun, Granite State
David W. Bridges, Arkansas
Kenneth L. Brinegar Jr. Georgia
Erin F. Brinkman, Central Ohio
Bryan B. Brougher, Western Pennsylvania
Eric C. Broughton, Colonial Virginia
Mary A. Bubka, Philadelphia
Dennis W. Bundy, Colorado
Eldon L. Burkett, Inland Northwest
Wallace M. Cackowski, Western Pennsylvania
John J. Canepa, Greater San Jose
David M. Carl, Philadelphia
Dennis M. Casserly, Gulf Coast
Mark J. Cengia, Western Pennsylvania
Douglas W. Christoff, McKinley
H.P. Christopherson, Northwest
Allen L. Clapp, North Carolina
Frank D. Clark, Long Island
John W. Clark, Penn-Jersey
Peter J. Clark, Badgerland
Scott M. Clark, North Carolina
Brian A. Clarke, Columbia-Willamette
Galen P. Close, Northwest
Randal L. Cobb, Fort Worth
Ivan D. Cohen, New Jersey
Bruce C. Cole, Philadelphia
James A. Compton, San Diego
Michael                Connor, San Francisco
Donald E. Cossey, Sacramento
Denton R. Crotchett, Gulf Coast
James V. Culpepper II, Greater Tidewater
David J. Currier, Greater Detroit
Phillip H. Curry, Southwest
Mark E. Dailey, Eastern New York
William J. Dampf, St. Louis
Wortham D. Davenport, NOVA
Dewitt Davis, Greater Tidewater
Douglas W. Davis, Heart of America
Robert W. Davis, McKinley
Alan D. Davison, Heart of America
Jim F. Day, Sacramento
Brian S. Dehning, Greater San Jose
Timothy A. Delong, Central Indiana
D. Chris Dennis, Los Angeles
Gary W. Devall, Greater Baton Rouge
Mary C. DeVany, Columbia-Willamette
David A. deVries, Greater Chicago
August F. Dimanno Jr., Eastern New York
Joseph M. DiPlacido, Philadelphia
Sharon S. Dixon, Low Country
Jeanine K. Dobbs, Central Texas
Lawrence E. Doyle, Greater Chicago
Michael J. Doyle, Chattanooga Area
Paul L. Drake, Utah
James T. Ducey, Worcester County
Teresa M. Dwyer, Gold Coast
John J. Egan, Southwest
Jeffrey N. Evans, Philadelphia
Mark P. Fagan, Western Pennsylvania
David M. Ferguson, San Diego
Steven S. Fickes, Central Pennsylvania
Terry H. Fogle, New Mexico
Stephen I. Forgas, Central Pennsylvania
William J. Fortney Jr., Greater Detroit
Brian D. Foster, Gulf Coast
Rene J. Gagne, Northwest
R.L. Gale, Wichita
Robert W. Gaun, Long Island
Roger D. Gautreau, New Orleans
Stephan A. Gaytko, Kitty Hawk
Terrence E. Gentle, San Francisco
George L. Germain, Georgia
Thomas A. Girolami, McKinley
Douglas A. Gladden, Three Rivers
Fred M. Gordon, Puget Sound
Leon H. Gottschalk, Lansing
Peter J. Greco, Gulf Coast
Gregory B. Griffith, Georgia
William J. Grover, Philadelphia
James L. Gruber, Northwest
Ron C. Guerriero, Orange County
Larry Gunder, Columbia-Willamette
Joel M. Haight, Western Pennsylvania
Stuart Hall, Hudson River Valley
Mark D. Hansen, Fort Worth
Larry R. Hanson, Northwest
Norman C. Hargreaves, Low Country
John C. Harrington, Greater Boston
Theodore L. Hawkins Sr., Southern Colorado
Ronnie J. Haydel, Bayou
Leo C. Hearn, North Florida
Gary V. Henderson, Georgia
Richard A. Heneghan, Georgia
Michael P. Higgins, West Tennessee
Rene E. Hilgemann, Northwest
Charles E. Hill, St. Louis
David J. Hiscott Jr., Gulf Coast
Patrick Hoffman, Southwest
Hiliary H. Holloway Jr., Philadelphia
Philip C. Hosmer, Louisville
Sharon R. Huey, Anthony Wayne
Keith L. Jaquillard, Southern Nevada
Chris M. Jarrell, Greater Baton Rouge
James W. Jean, Central Texas
Dennis W. Johnson, Colorado
Eric E. Johnson, Utah
Nicholas G. Kachur, Western Pennsylvania
James E. Kalinowski, Northwest
Harry R. Keesing, Greater Baton Rouge
David W. Kerr, New Jersey
Robert H. Kerr, Genesee Valley
Robert L. Kingman, Worcester County
Charles E. Kist, Fort Worth
Frederick A. Klindt, International
Thomas A. Kline, Sacramento
Thomas D. Kmiec, Northern Ohio
Patrick P. Knight, West Michigan
Sam J. Knox, Southwest
Don E. Knox III, Hawkeye
Linda J. Kochenburger, Metropolitan
William R. Kochinski, Middle East
Joseph E. Kocsis Jr., Central Florida
Frederck H. Koehler, Connecticut Valley
Daniel L. Kremer, Central Indiana
Brett T. Lacey, Southern Colorado
Jerry W. Lacy, Four Corners
Terrance L. Lahti, Northwest
Jeffrey M. Lange, Arizona
Richard L. Leemhuis, Alabama
Steven F. Levin, Northeastern Illinois
Timothy J. Lewandowski, St. Louis
John R. Lewis, West Florida
Edmond D. Light II, Heart of America
Edward R. Lipski Jr., Northeastern Pennsylvania
Roscoe L. Little, Eastern Carolina
Daryl D. Magers, Southern Nevada
Donald T. Mahardy, Puget Sound
Kurt E. Maier, Middle Tennessee
Eugene J. Maris, Southwest

Thomas C. Montag, Columbia-Willamette
Robert E. Neff, New Jersey
Daniel F. Mason, Hudson River Valley
Lee C. McCleary, Arizona
E.R. McEuen, Greater Calumet
John R. McFadden, Philadelphia
Brian J. McGuire, Los Angeles
Roger McKim, Columbia-Willamette
Daniel H. Mekeel, Central Pennsylvania
Jackson C. Melton, Georgia
Thomas R. Milbrath, Northwest
Michael F. Miller, Nutmeg
Ronald A. Miller, Orange County
Jane P. Mills, Puget Sound
Don J. Moinet, West Michigan
John F. Montgomery, Southwest
Gregory A. Morgan, Audubon
Jeffrey W. Moran, New Jersey
Jesse H. Morgan Jr., Los Angeles
Don D. Mosley, Middle Tennessee
James L. Muller, Triad
Karina I. Murphy, Puget Sound
Dennis C. Myers, National Capital
Stephen E. Nash, San Francisco
Stanley D. Naylor, Georgia
Al M. Niles, Alabama
Charles M. Noty, Hawkeye
William M. Nuss, Western Pennsylvania
John M. O’Brien, Northwest
David O’Hara, New Jersey
Karl A. Osborn, Southwest
Michael F. O’Toole, Cape Canaveral
James J. Oukrop, Northwest
John G. Pagani, Sacramento
Richard P. Palluzi, New Jersey
Douglas                Pastore, New Jersey
Robert F. Pater, Columbia-Willamette
John W. Patterson, Middle Tennessee
Brian D. Patton, Middle Tennessee
Robert  Paulukiewicz, New Jersey
Russell D. Payton, Southwest
Dan L. Perry, Southwest
David M. Perseo, Northwestern Pennsylvania
Anthony M. Pesarchik, Central Pennsylvania
Ron C. Peters, Greater Calumet
Gerrit M. Prince, Three Rivers
Anthony J. Prospero, Wisconsin
Harry A. Pullum, East Tennessee
Arthur L. Puskas, NOVA
Kevin M. Quigley, West Michigan
John C. Ratliff, Columbia-Willamette
Robert C. Ray, Los Angeles
Timothy E. Razzeca, Utah
William J. Reilly, Western Carolina
Barry D. Reutter, Northern Ohio
Jeannette Reyes, Valley Coastal
Gary L. Reznicek, Gulf Coast
Pete B. Rice, San Francisco
Richard C. Ridde, Southwest
Susanne Riepenhoff, Central Ohio
Albert G. Roberto, Greater Boston
Barry L. Robertson, Middle Tennessee
Lonel D. Robeson, Heart of America
Michael J. Rogers, NOVA
Keith E. Rosenblum, Heart of America
Lisa E. Rosenbusch, Western Pennsylvania
Cheryl D. Rost, Snake River
Ronald D. Roy, St. Louis
Edward J. Ryan, Nutmeg
Thomas L. Ryder, Fort Worth
Richard G. Sams, Los Angeles
Philip R. Sarazin, Quad Cities
Matthew T. Saxon, Southern Colorado
Marc A. Scarchilli, Eastern New York
Stephen F. Schall, Greater Tidewater
John R. Schatz, Oklahoma City
Donald L. Schmid, Greater Detroit
James M. Schmidt, Maine
Henry L. Schmulling, Tarheel
Carl J. Schnee, Metropolitan
John B. Schroering, Louisville
Gary P. Schwartz, New Jersey
Robert M. Semonisck III, Colorado
Ann M. Shanklin, San Francisco
Joe D. Shepherd, Fort Worth
Orville V. Shoemaker, Oklahoma City
Martin Sholtis Jr., Western Pennsylvania
Todd D. Shultz, Central Pennsylvania
Dennis C. Simmers, Western Pennsylvania
Daniel J. Simon, Southwest
Robert F. Simon, Sacramento
Gerald J. Smith, Cape Canaveral
Glenn L. Smith, Colonial Virginia
James L. Smith, Wiregrass
Kathleen H. Smith, Central New York
Kevin Smith, Tarheel
Paul J. Snyder, Philadelphia
Peter Spampinato, Snake River
Frank A. Spenia, Southern Nevada
Frederick M. Spina, Connecticut Valley
Lewis D. Spraggs, Middle Tennessee
William H. St. Peters, St. Louis
Gregory E. Staskiewicz, West Michigan
Joseph F. Stelluto, Philadelphia
Samuel M. Stirlen, NOVA
James W. Strotman, Chesapeake
Thomas F. Sullivan, San Francisco
Douglas M. Sund, Colorado
Roy D. Sunderland, Louisville
John C. Suter, Philadelphia
George P. Swaney, Craters of the Moon
Richard E. Swoyer, Puget Sound
Linda K. Tennant, West Virginia
Louis P. Therrien, Los Angeles
Timothy F. Thompson, Gulf Coast
Steven E. Tomlinson, Central Pennsylvania
William J. Tricarico, Central New York
Robert W. Trinkleback, Northeastern Illinois
Treasa M. Turnbeaugh, St. Louis
Raul H. Vasquez Jr., Coastal Bend
Eileen D. Verity, NOVA
Jerome C. Vestal, Greater Calumet
Ricardo F. Villacampa, New Jersey
Paul M. Villane, Pensacola
Richard S. Wadleigh, Philadelphia
Richard J. Wagner, Utah
Mark E. Wainio, New Mexico
Harold R. Walker Jr., Oklahoma City
Richard V. Walle, Maumee Valley
William J. Wallish, Great Plains
Mark R. Waring, Gold Coast
Scott A. Watson, Gulf Coast
Cynthia A. Weatherford, Middle Tennessee
W.T. Webster, Southwest
Patrick C. Weidinger, Central Pennsylvania
David J. Weightman, Penn-Jersey
James M. Weiskopf, Greater Detroit
Mark J. Wescoat, Craters of the Moon
Michael J. West, Metropolitan
David R. White, Gulf Coast
Norman Wiley Jr., Eastern New York
Craig E. Wilkinson, Southern Nevada
Timothy J. Williams, St. Louis
Edward F. Williams III, West Tennessee
Kathryn D. Williams-Cavender, Gulf Coast
Ralph V. Willing, Connecticut Valley
Steve E. Willis, Southwest
Stephen C. Wilson, Kitty Hawk
Jeffrey M. Windham, Gulf Coast
Neil S. Wingert, Northwest
James M. Wirth, Central Ohio
Martin W. Wizorek, National Capital
James R. Wolfe, Audubon
Alan K. Wolff, West Florida
Joe L. Wong, San Diego
Judith L. Woodham, Lansing
S. Todd Woods, Northwestern Pennsylvania
Scott R. Wynn, Colonial Virginia
Wilbur T. Yaxley, West Florida
Marty S. Yellen, San Francisco
Michael J. Zamiska, Western Pennsylvania
Ingo Zeise, Chesapeake

40 Years

James R. Andrews, St. Louis
Ben B. Bullard, Central Texas
Richard F. Casey, San Francisco
James M. Davenport III, North Carolina
Raymond C. Ellis Jr., Gulf Coast
Victor M. Fortna, New Mexico
Daniel Gleghorn, McKinley
Jonathan M. Haas, North Florida
E.D. Harbin, Los Angeles
James H. Joyner, South Texas
James A. Kratt, Louisville
Ronald C. Kress, Northern West Virginia
Hal R. Lucas, West Florida
Stephen V. Magyar Jr., East Texas
Donald T. Meyer, Western Carolina

Thaddeus B. Niemiec, Penn-Jersey
Gary R. Norman, Utah
Jon D. Overby, Georgia
Edward L. Pack, Greater San Jose
Frank M. Parker III, Gulf Coast
George A. Peters, Los Angeles
Franklin G. Poston, Gulf Coast
Thomas J. Rehkemper, St. Louis
Julien L. Riviera, Great Plains
John H. Schnarr, Three Rivers
Billy J. Shepherd, West Tennessee
Gilbert Stansbury, South Carolina
John C. Tolley, San Diego
Edward C. Weimer, Long Island
Theodore R. Weller Sr., San Francisco
William D. Young, Valley Coastal

50 Years

Tadeus Buczkowski, Connecticut Valley
C.R. Mattson, Eastern Carolina

Albert L. Schnegelberger, Utah
M. David Wier, Southwest