Vol. 13, No. 11

As a benefit of your ASSE membership, Society Update highlights the latest Society news, activities, upcoming events and notable member achievements. Members are encouraged to submit news, announcements, questions or comments to Cathy Wegener.

Upcoming Events
Nov. 8
Math Review
Nov. 9-11
ASP Workshop
Nov. 9-11
CSP Workshop
Nov. 9-11
Corporate Safety Management
Nov. 12
Webinar: Sustainability: An Emerging Force in Business and its Impact on the Safety Profession
Nov. 12-13
Proactive Safety Management
Nov. 12-13
Future Safety Leaders Conference
Nov. 18
Webinar: Updates to the ANSI/ASSE Z359 Fall Protection Code

Student-Member Paper Competition

ASSE Foundation and the Editorial Review Board are sponsoring a paper competition for undergraduate (junior or senior) ASSE student members. Papers should be similar to feature articles found in Professional Safety. Students in safety programs are encouraged to submit papers by Dec. 15, 2009, for a chance to win $500, attendance at Safety 2010 and a travel stipend of up to $700. For questions or to submit your paper, contact Sue Trebswether.  

NAOSH Week 2010 Kids’ Poster Contest Underway

ASSE’s 8th Annual Safety-on-the-Job kids' poster contest is underway. Sponsor a child and get involved in NAOSH Week 2010. The poster contest ends Feb. 14, 2010.

ASSE Foundation
Scholarships, Grants Deadline is Dec. 1

ASSE Foundation’s scholarships and professional development grants are open to students pursuing SH&E degrees and to ASSE members and safety professionals working to advance their careers. Applications are due by Dec. 1, 2009; awards will be announced by April 1, 2010.

Experience SeminarFest

SH&E professionals can earn up to 5.1 CEUs at the upcoming SeminarFest scheduled for Feb. 14-20, 2010, in Las Vegas, NV. The event offers networking opportunities, special events including an opening day reception, complimentary lunches and one luncheon presentation, and more than 50 seminars in technical, management and skill development topics.

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Top Stories

Comparison Document Explains Changes to Confined Spaces Standard

Book Image

To help explain the more than 160 changes to ANSI/ASSE Z117.1-2009, Safety Requirements for Confined Spaces, ASSE has developed a comparison document that highlights the changes between the current standard and its 2003 and 1995 versions. The revised standard provides safety requirements for entering, exiting and working in confined spaces at normal atmospheric pressure. A combination package is available for purchase, which includes the revised Z117.1-2009 standard and the Z117 Comparison Document.

ASSE Attends DOT Distracted Driving Summit

On behalf of ASSE, Gerry Eaker, assistant administrator of ASSE’s Transportation Practice Specialty, attended DOT’s Distracted Driving Summit held in Washington, DC, to discuss current issues with distracted driving. A report on the event is available online.

Hennessy Family Increases Foundation Grant

The family of ASSE member Terrance Hennessy, CSP, ARM, ALCM, AMIM, CHSP, who lost his life in a crane accident in Miami, FL, last year, has helped raise $94,000 for the ASSE Foundation to fund a grant in his honor. Initially a $2,000 annual grant, the Terrance M. Hennessy Professional Development Grant will now offer $5,000 annually to SH&E professionals who want to advance their careers through ASSE certification workshops, seminars, symposia or the professional development conference.

On March 25, 2008, Hennessy was on a routine construction site visit when a crane collapsed. The purpose of his visit was to provide risk and safety guidance aimed at preventing workplace injuries. Hennessy’s son, Michael Hennessy, says the grant was created to help advance the knowledge and skills of safety and risk professionals to help prevent future worksite injuries and fatalities. A member of the South Florida Chapter, Hennessy was a vice president in the risk consulting practice at Marsh.

“The generous contribution raised by the Hennessy family for the Foundation will help safety and health professionals pursue continuing education opportunities and certifications,” says ASSEF Chair Eddie Greer, CSP, OHST. “The awarding of grants for professional development not only helps to educate safety and health professionals, but also helps raise awareness of the importance of workplace safety and health.”



More News

ASSE to Host Webinar on Updated Z359 Fall Protection Code

Join ASSE on Wednesday, Nov. 18, from 11:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. (CST) for a webinar covering the new requirements and standards of the enhanced ANSI/ASSE Z359 Fall Protection Code. The new additions to the code, which addresses the prevention of fatalities and injuries resulting from falls from heights, are expected to make it an even better resource for SH&E professionals and employers. Presenters include key members of the Z359 Accredited Standards Committee: Thom Kramer, P.E., CSP, Randy Wingfield and Tim Accursi. Special to this webinar, ASSE is offering a total access package, a triple-play package and a webinar-only package.

ASSE Comments on OSHA’s Long-Awaited Proposed Rule on GHS

OSHA has published its long-awaited proposed rule to harmonize OSHA’s HazCom Standard with the UN Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals (GHS). The proposed rule was published Sept. 30. Read ASSE’s comment on the proposed rulemaking, the Society’s position statement on control banding and the future of hazard communications and its March 2004 statement to the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee Subcommittee on Employment, Safety and Training.

ASSE Foundation Posts Its Annual Report

As it reports a year of “robust growth,” ASSE Foundation credits generous donors who invested in the SH&E profession during the fiscal year ending in March 2009. 


Chapter News

Welcome ASSE’s Newest Chapter: Egypt

The Egypt Section, formed in March 2000 as ASSE’s third international section, has been approved as a new chapter. ASSE’s board of directors approved the change at its Sept. 30 meeting. The ASSE Egypt Chapter officers are Said Khalifa, CSP, president; Wael S Mohamed Abdel Ghany, vice president; Yassin Darwish, ASP, secretary; and Salah Shaaban, treasurer.

“Safety is a global issue and it is imperative that safety professionals throughout the world take part in ASSE which provides cutting edge information and strives to elevate safety to the highest level,” says ASSE Region V Vice President Maribeth Anderson. “I believe that the members of the Egypt section showed great initiative and professionalism to meet the criteria for chapter membership. They have been a major contributor in spreading the importance of workplace safety to businesses, employees and families internationally.”

Low Country Chapter Community Outreach

To help improve their community and promote safety for children, members of the Low Country Chapter will be presenting bicycle helmets, and elbow and knee pads to the Toys for Tots organization during the upcoming chapter meeting. Jayne Carswell, CSP, chapter president, has also organized a toy drive at her workplace, ITT Communications Systems, to collect helmets and pads to be donated during the meeting, and she has challenged chapter members to consider having a toy drive at their workplaces as well. “With our individual financial commitments, most of us can only afford to donate one helmet, but each of us can certainly do more,” Carswell says. 


Member News

Help Commemorate ASSE’s 100th Anniversary: Tell Us Your Story

ASSE UAA Student Section members, Jacob Eggleton and Matthew Wilson.

In 2011, ASSE will celebrate its 100th year. You can help commemorate this milestone anniversary with the Society by telling us your story. Jacob Eggleton and Matthew Wilson, two ASSE student members of the University of Alaska Anchorage (UAA) Student Section, part of the Alaska Chapter, did just that. The two sent in their story of how they became ASSE members.

The childhood friends both worked for CCI Group LLC, subsidiary of Bristol Bay Native Corp., a general contractor, as field maintenance support technicians at Prudhoe Bay on Alaska’s North Slope. In that capacity, they were part of a safety campaign called Target Zero that focused on yielding tangible safety results. During that project, Eggleton and Wilson learned the importance of workplace safety and health, as well as about the SH&E profession. The company recognized their dedication and gave each a CCI Safety Award in 2008. In January 2009, the two enrolled in the occupational safety and health program at UAA, and joined the ASSE student section. During their first year, the two earned OSH internships with Bristol Alliance of Companies. Eggleton and Wilson credit their success in part to the help and guidance of their mentors, Cathy Allen, UAA Student Section Vice President, and Don Weber, faculty advisor.

Help celebrate the Society’s 100th year, and tell us your story too. ASSE will commemorate key events that have contributed to the SH&E profession, and celebrate the special events and stories that have become an integral part of that history. If you have a story, anecdote or event relating to the safety profession, the Society or workplace safety in general, we encourage you to share it with ASSE.

Braam Appointed OSHA Education Center Director

Annette Braam Photo

Annette Braam

Annette Braam has been appointed director of the OSHA Training Institute Education Center at the Metropolitan Community College Business and Technology Campus in Kansas City, MO. In this newly created position, Braam, a professional member of the Heart of America Chapter, will oversee the facility’s training and consulting services. Braam previously worked with the Department of Defense as a safety and environmental manager and industrial hygienist, and also as a safety and health consultant for manufacturing, healthcare and industrial businesses.


Top Recruiters: Honor Roll

The latest additions to ASSE’s Honor Roll.


ASSE's Business Edge

Traffic Book CoverTraffic: Why We Drive the Way We Do

(and What It Says About Us)
by Tom Vanderbilt


Can road rage be good for society? Did you know that your mind can trick you into thinking the next lane is moving faster? Or that you can gauge a nation’s driving behavior by its levels of corruption? These are just a few of the dynamics that Tom Vanderbilt explores in Traffic.

Based on research and interviews with driving experts and traffic officials, Traffic examines the everyday activity of driving to uncover a collection of physical, psychological and technical factors that explain how traffic works, why we drive the way we do and what our driving says about us. Vanderbilt explores the perceptual limits and cognitive underpinnings that make us worse drivers than we think we are. He describes who is more likely to honk at whom and why. He explains why traffic jams form, outlines the unintended consequences of our quest for safety, and even identifies the most common mistake drivers make in parking lots.

As Vanderbilt shows, driving is a revealing prism for examining how our minds work and the ways we interact. In the end, Traffic is about human nature.

Read Vanderbilt’s interview with Amazon.com or listen to him discussing Traffic.

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