Vol. 13, No. 8

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Upcoming Events
August 2
Math Review
August 3-5
ASP Workshop
August 3-5
Corporate Safety Management
August 6-8
CSP Workshop
August 12
Webinar: Researching Predictive Analytics and Jobsite Safety: Key Findings
August 16
Math Review
August 17-19
ASP Workshop
August 20-22
CSP Workshop
August 26
Webinar: Risk Assessment and Hazard Control - Systems Safety and Process Safety

ASSE Election Nominations Deadline

The deadline for 2010 ASSE nominations is Aug. 15. The Society will be electing the senior vice president, vice president-finance, vice president-practices and standards, all even-numbered region vice presidents and select area directors. Members who wish to be considered for region vice president or area director must contact their regional nominations committee.

Did You Miss Safety 2009?

Eleven sessions from Safety 2009 will be available as webcast recordings. These webcasts include access to the slides, speaker audio and any videos that were part of the presentations. If you purchase all 11 sessions, you will be able to earn 1.0 CEU. For more information, contact Dan McNeill. In addition, audio recordings for most of the sessions are now available for purchase and download from Audio Visual Education Network.

Sponsor a New Member

Recruiting new ASSE members is a beneficial way to network and strengthen your professional association. Recruit new members by giving them an application or by having them apply online directly. Remember to ask your new recruits to enter your name in the sponsor blank to receive credit as the sponsor.

Stateline Chapter Members Help Company Turn Safety Around

In January 2007, Dave Anspaugh was hired by Chem Processing Inc. as an environmental/safety director. After 2 months on the job, he received a letter from OSHA stating that the company’s DART (days away, restricted or transferred) rate was twice the industry average. Anspaugh decided to take action and use his resources and contacts as a Stateline Chapter member.

“I knew I had to act fast so I called Rita Mosley, who is one of the Stateline Chapter’s past presidents,” Anspaugh says. Mosley, who works for the IDOL On Site Safety Consultation Program, told Anspaugh that the company’s owner, Curt Cedarleaf, would need to invite them in under her consultation program. “I spoke with Cedarleaf, and he was 100% behind the idea and what it could mean for our organization and employees,” he says. “I contacted Rita and told her to start the process.”

Next, Anspaugh contacted John Vaughan, who was the Stateline Chapter president at the time, and asked if he could help him with the OSHA 10-hour training. “John said, ‘I can do better than that. I’ll do it at your facility at cost, whenever you want.’ I was shocked at John’s willingness to help me out at his cost,” Anspaugh says. “I guess that’s what members do for each other.”

At the chapter’s monthly meetings, Anspaugh asked members in the consultant industry for feedback on some of the problems they face. “That’s when Greg Peterson, from Rockford Fire & Safety, offered to help me as well,” he says. “Greg spent a great deal of time at our facility providing me with the information to make decisions on what products and supplies would work best. He helped me zero in on our most important problems, and then found incredible solutions that not only worked perfectly, but were financially beneficial to our company.”

After Anspaugh’s first year at Chem Processing, the facility went from 12 recordable injuries down to two. The site is currently at one recordable for the past 1½ years. In addition, the company has reduced minor injuries by 78% and has received the OSHA SHARP award.

Anspaugh is the current Stateline Chapter President and credits the help and support of chapter members for helping him turn his company around. “I wish more companies would realize the value of ASSE and how it can help them,” he says. “Our members do this kind of thing for each other all the time, and don’t even think twice about it,” he says. “What a wonderful group.”