Vol. 12, No. 8

2008 Professional Paper Awards

Roger C. Jensen, Ph.D., P.E., CSP

First-place recipient Roger C. Jensen, Ph.D., P.E., CSP, is a professor at Montana Tech of the University of Montana. His article, “Risk Reduction Strategies: Past, Present and Future,” was published in the January 2007 issue. Jensen’s article discusses William Haddon’s list of 10 strategies for preventing and mitigating hazards, and reviews subsequent refinements and alternate proposals. The article proposes a new list consisting of one strategy for eliminating the hazard and eight for mitigating risks associated with the hazard. The nine risk reduction strategies are shown to fit logically into a three-level hierarchy of controls that could be used by design teams employing a risk assessment process. Jensen is a professional member of the Big Sky Chapter. He holds a J.D. as well as industrial engineering degrees from the University of Utah (B.S.), University of Michigan (M.S.E.) and West Virginia University (Ph.D.).

Maureen Modica, CSP, CIH

Second-place recipient Maureen Modica, CSP, CIH, is director of industrial hygiene at Crown Safety LLC in Cherry Hill, NJ. Her article, “Safe Science: Applying Safety in a Modern Research Laboratory,” appeared in the July 2007 issue. The article discusses the SH&E risks inherent to the complex environments of modern research laboratories. The article discusses how good laboratory design, careful preplanning of each research project, and daily integration of good science and safe work practices can greatly minimize these risks. Modica is a professional member and past president of the Penn-Jersey Chapter and a director of AIHA’s Philadelphia Section.

Richard W. Goggins, CPE

Third-place recipient Richard W. Goggins, CPE, is an ergonomist with Washington State Department of Labor and Industries in Olympia. His article, “Hazards of Cleaning: Strategies for Reducing Exposures to Ergonomic Risk Factors,” published in the March 2007 issue, discusses the many hazards created by cleaning work, including wet floors, working on ladders, use of chemicals and risk factors for musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs). The article reviews MSD risk factors present in common cleaning tasks and describes some practical solutions. At the time the article was published, Goggins was a professional member of the Puget Sound Chapter. He holds a graduate degree in ergonomics from the University of Southern California.