Vol. 10, No. 3

Attendee Tips

Be Travel Wise

  • Seattle weather is cool and humid in June, with temperatures averaging 61° F during the day and becoming cooler in the evenings. Even though it's one of the least rainy months in Seattle, the city averages 1.6 inches of rain in June, so bring an umbrella.
  • Wear comfortable walking shoes.
  • Use your business card or office address on luggage tags. This avoids advertising that your home might be empty.
  • Place contact information both inside and outside checked luggage. That way, if the outside tag gets damaged, the inside tag will give the airline/train/hotel staff your contact information.
  • Remove your name badge when leaving the hotel or convention center so it's not obvious that you're an out-of-towner.
  • Verify safe walking/jogging routes with the hotel concierge.
  • Locate the emergency exits in the hotel.

Have a Plan

  • Review the Safety 2006 Pocket Planner that will be included in your conference registration briefcase. Take a tour of the conference area beforehand.
  • Plan which sessions you want to attend and have alternate plans in case any are full or canceled. Check the ASSE website for updates. Re-evaluate your plan when you arrive at the conference-schedules or your interests may have changed.
  • Bring plenty of business cards to exchange with exhibitors and colleagues.
  • When you arrive, review your registration packet for any session or room changes.
  • Check for information updates each day at the registration desk and throughout the conference center.
  • Plan to attend other conference activities such as receptions, luncheons, membership meetings and the exhibit hall.
  • Schedule downtime. Balance your conference activities with leisure/tour time.

Get the Most from Sessions

  • Arrive for sessions early. Some sessions are quite full and seating may be limited.
  • Don't request handouts before the session begins, since they're reserved for those attending the session.
  • If interested in multiple sessions being held at the same time, contact the speaker directly after the conference. Speakers enjoy sharing information.
  • Participate in the Q&A period after the formal presentation. This is a great way to exchange information sparked by the presentation, and often provides meaningful clarity. If certain attendees add information that is useful to you, approach them and find out whether you can contact them for additional details.
  • Complete and return session surveys. Your feedback is a valuable tool that helps ASSE evaluate and improve the conference.