Vol. 9, No.2

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Risk Principles Symposium—March 23-24

Understanding risk is an increasingly important aspect of the SH&E function. To help practitioners learn more about key concepts of risk and their application in today’s work environments, ASSE is holding the Risk Principles Symposium March 23-24 in San Diego. It’s a great way to learn how risk impacts the way you manage safety and health and to understand effective strategies for managing risk to create value for your organization.

NAOSH Week—May 1-7

NAOSH Week, slated for May 1-7, focuses attention on the benefits of investing in occupational SH&E programs. As part of NAOSH Week, ASSE is sponsoring a kids “Safety-on-the-Job” poster contest, which is open to ASSE members’ kids, grandkids, nieces and nephews ages 5 to 12. Entries are due Feb. 14. For details, visit http://www.asse.org/naosh05_postercontest_form.doc.

A10.12 Excavation Audioconference

ASSE will host an audioconference on A10.12, Safety Requirements for Excavation. The audioconference will be broadcast on March 24, 11:00 am to 12:30 pm CST. Specific topics include the scope, application and definitions applicable to this standard; general requirements; requirements for protective systems; design of support systems, shield (trench box) systems and other protective equipment. The standard, which was recently reaffirmed, addresses excavation for demolition and construction and will be available in March.

More News

Student Membership on the Rise

Student participation in ASSE increased by five percent in 2004, ASSE recently reported. This rise illustrates an increase in interest by students in the occupational safety, health and environmental fields. As the result of an ASSE faculty advisor recruitment campaign, 26 colleges and universities with occupational SH&E programs increased membership in their ASSE student sections by at least five percent. Learn more about ASSE’s student activities at http://www.asse.org/member_main_text.html - student_mem_info.

ASSE Comments on HexChrome Safety Standards for Workers

ASSE recently sent a letter to OSHA expressing concern over the agency’s proposal to amend its standard for employee exposure to HexChrome. ASSE agrees that HexChrome is a risk to employees at the current permissible exposure limit (PEL). Employees exposed to HexChrome are prone to lung cancer, asthma and damage to the nasal epithelia and skin. Despite OSHA’s diligence, ASSE does not believe that enough scientific evidence exists to support the eight-hour time-weighted average PEL of one microgram of Cr(VI) per cubic meter of air 1 mcg / m3 for all Cr(VI) that this rulemaking would set. While our members agree a new, more stringent standard is needed, they believe additional research is required before a specific standard can be supported. As OSHA examines the responses to this rulemaking, ASSE asks that the agency consider several comments.

HazMat Safety Brochure Available

ASSE’s free brochure “Hazardous Materials Safety Information Guide” provides key information to educate the public on hazardous materials–what they are, who to call in an emergency, how local emergency planning committees work and related issues that can help ensure increased safety.


Member News

Certificate in Safety Management

ASSE's Certificate in Safety Management program consists of three required courses and various electives. To receive the certificate, participants must earn a total of 7.5 CEUs, and all courses must be completed within a five-year period. Earning ASSE's Certificate in Safety Management is an excellent way to advance your career. For a list of recent recipients, click here.

Executive Program

A certificate from ASSE's Executive Program in Safety Management illustrates a practitioner's commitment to professional development. The program is designed to help SH&E professionals demonstrate safety system success and gain a career advantage. Participants receive the certificate after earning a total of 7.5 CEUs for completing three required seminars (4.9 CEUs) and additional ASSE national seminars or symposia (at least 2.6 CEUs). Recent recipients of the executive certificate are listed here.
    Gary S. Materna, president and CEO, Triangle Enterprises Inc., Chagrin Falls, OH
    William C. Parker, general manager, safety and regulatory affairs, APM Terminals, Mt. Pleasant, SC

Top Recruiters: Honor Roll
The latest additions to ASSE’s Honor Roll.

Correction – Society Update Vol. 9 No. 1
The In Memoriam section included in the last issue of Society Update incorrectly listed ASSE Fellow Campbell G. Dewey as G. Dewey Campbell. Society Update regrets the error.