Vol. 14, No. 3

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Upcoming Events
March 3
Webinar: Ten Characteristics That Distinguish Great Safety Organizations: What Leaders Do to Make Them Real
March 7
Math Review
March 8-10
Corporate Safety Management
March 11-12
Delivering Safety Results in Changing Times Symposium
March 14
Math Review
March 15-17
ASP Workshop
March 16-18
Virtual Symposium: Construction Safety: Best Practices and Standards
March 18-20
CSP Workshop
March 24
Webinar: The Aging Workforce: Secondary Ergonomics Risk Factors & Solutions

Construction Safety: Best Practices & Standards

Join industry experts at ASSE’s Construction Safety: Best Practices and Standards virtual symposium on March 16-18. Build a network of like-minded construction professionals as you learn about political and regulatory issues, and safety strategies related to technical construction topics, and strategies for reducing risk, tying safety metrics to insurance costs and better managing the bottom line. In addition to earning 1.0 CEUs, participants will receive eight free ANSI/ASSE A10 standards, an online compendium of relevant articles and proceedings, recordings of all live webinar sessions and slides from each session.

Vote Today!

Voting for the 2010 Society officers starts March 1, 2010. Check out ASSE’s website for the slate, biographies and platform statements to help make your decision. Voting ends March 31.

Register for ASSEís Spring Symposium

Learn how to leverage changes that affect occupational safety at ASSE’s Delivering Safety Results in Changing Times symposium is set for March 11-12 in Scottsdale, AZ. You can learn more about the topics to be presented and read interviews with keynote speaker Mary O’Hara-Devereaux and session speakers Bill Barbarow and Jim Spigener.

Recruit New Members, Win Prizes

ASSE’s 2010 Member-Get-A-Member campaign is underway. The steps are easy: 1) Forward an ASSE application to someone you know using the refer-a-friend tool. 2) Ask your friend to enter your name in the sponsor section of the membership application. 3) Tell as many people as you want.

You will receive a gift when your first referral joins, as well as other gifts for additional referrals. Also, for every new full member you recruit, you will be entered to win a free trip to Safety 2011 in Chicago. The trip includes a full Safety 2011 package, 3 nights’ hotel accommodations and a $250 AMEX card to use for expenses.

Safety Updates Online

ASSE’s online video safety updates  are posted weekly and discuss current issues and questions within the safety industry. Presented by Tim Fisher, director, practices and standards, the videos include links to additional resources. Check back frequently to view new videos and stay in tune with current SH&E topics.

CoPS Article of the Month

The Council on Practices and Standards’ featured article of the month is taken from the Vol. 9 No. 2 issue of RM/Insight, the Risk Management/Insurance Practice Specialty’s newsletter. The article, “Near Misses: Organizational Get-Out-of-Jail-Free Cards,” is written by Cameron Clark, MA.

SH&E Generations: The Hanson Family

Jim Hanson, CSP, presents daughter Valerie with her graduate safety professional certificate from BCSP during a reception at a lab in OSUís School of Fire Protection and Safety Engineering Technology.

My name is Jim Hanson and my daughter’s name is Valerie Hanson. I joined ASSE in 1975 and she joined in 2007. My career path involved mostly employment at Oklahoma State University (OSU). Initially, I provided safety, industrial hygiene and hazardous waste management services for the campus. I then became a faculty member of the OSU School of Fire Protection and Safety Engineering Technology, where I taught courses on the functions I had formerly performed. I have served for many years as the faculty advisor to ASSE’s OSU Student Chapter.

When Valerie enrolled in the OSU Fire Protection and Safety Engineering Technology program, she was one of six women in a program with 230 males. She received a scholarship from ASSE and excelled in the program, graduating in 2008. She secured a position with Liberty Mutual in November even though she did not graduate until May. I was proud of her but not surprised as OSU graduates are highly sought by employers. Valerie recently accepted a challenging position in safety and emergency management at the Oklahoma University Medical Center with responsibilities for two large hospitals where protect-in-place means everything.

While my career emphasis has been occupational safety and HazMat management, Valerie has already developed broader career capabilities and accomplishments. The knowledge she gained through OSU’s program has provided her with the ability to understand hydraulics and design fire sprinkler systems, understand fire dynamics and life safety code issues, and have a solid understanding of catastrophic events related to fire and systems safety. I am pleased to have been a part of the academic program that provided Valerie with exceptional career potential.

As pleased as I am with Valerie’s success, I am equally pleased with the hundreds of other students I have helped steward because they have accomplished so much in industry and government in the process of saving lives, preventing injuries and illness, and providing for property protection. I am retiring in July 2010. Valerie made me smile recently when she mentioned that someday she would like to become a professor.

SH&E Generations

Many SH&E professionals have parents or children who are also in the profession. Did your son or daughter follow in your footsteps? Did a parentís involvement in the safety profession encourage you to follow in their footsteps? ASSE would like to hear from you.

Tell us your story of SH&E generations.