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Choose from a wide variety of technical publications covering every facet of safety –from accident investigation, to BCSP exam preparation materials, to the best in safety management. ASSE is certain to have the resources needed for any SH&E professional.  We also offer a full collection of standards available in both hard copy and electronic copy. This is just a sample of the many resources ASSE has to offer.

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As a benefit of your ASSE membership, Society Update highlights the latest Society news, activities, upcoming events and notable member achievements. Members are encouraged to submit news, announcements, questions or comments to Cathy Wegener.

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ASSE's daily blog keeps you up to date on the latests news, ideas and events in occupational safety and beyond. Visitors can also contribute comments to be posted.

Construction Safety Management and Engineering, 2nd Edition

The new second edition of this ASSE best seller contains 38 chapters written by 42 contributors, and features new chapters on: Ladders, Ergonomics, and Construction Safety & Health through Design. Changes to the OSHA Construction Standard and other referenced Standards were made throughout, while five chapters were extensively revised: Insurance and Risk Management, Planning by Prevention and Design, Steel Erection, Industrial Hygiene, and Environmental Impacts. Read More

Comprehensive Practice Examination Study Guide

Available exclusively from ASSE, the Comprehensive Practice Examination Study Guide™ has been used successfully by hundreds of candidates for over fifteen years to prepare for the BCSP CSP Certificate. New questions have been added in all three Domains Read More

The Failure of Risk Management: Why It's Broken and How to Fix It

Managing Maintenance Error--A Practical Guide

Risk management based on actual measurements of risk is not the predominant approach in most industries. Hubbard examines methods for risk analysis in light of published research. His conclusions argue against the use of some widely used methods—some of which have been codified in international standards. While arguing for better quantitative analysis in risk management, this is not a mathematical text on risk management. Rather, in the author’s words, “The approach I take here is to provide my readers with just enough technical information that they can make a 180-degree turn in risk management.” (Read more) Read More

The Emotionally Intelligent Team: Understanding and Developing the Behaviors of Success

"The most important issue in our networked world is teamwork across levels and boundaries. This masterful work offers a completely new perspective, bringing the power of emotional and social intelligence through engaging insights, exercises and stories to high performance teamwork - creating the opportunity for potentially extraordinary results that are seamless, dynamic, and productive."

--Eileen Rogers, Global Director, Leadership Excellence Programs, Deloitte

Regardless of industry or business, successful teamwork can make the difference between success and failure. The authors provide skills training for team leaders and coaches in developing the emotional intelligence of teams. Read More

Books by James Reason

Managing Maintenance Error--A Practical Guide

Managing Maintenance Error--A Practical Guide

The central contention of this Guide is that while the risk of maintenance error can never be eliminated entirely, it can be managed more effectively. (Read more) Read More

Managing the Risks of Organizational Accidents

Managing the Risks of Organizational Accidents

Understanding and limiting the occurence of organizational accidents are the major challenges to be faced in the new millenium. They are unacceptable in terms of their human, environmental and commercial costs. But how do we develop a set of concepts that are equally applicable to all of these highly individual and infrequent events, and lead to improved prevention? Read more

The Responsible Business

The Responsible Business: Reimagining Sustainability and Success

The author offers an approach that goes beyond corporate responsibility as it is currently perceived and practiced. Carol Sanford, CEO of InterOctave, Inc., wrote this book to help any business or organization develop a structured process for becoming systemically responsible. Read More

Falls from Height

Falls from Height—A Guide to Rescue Planning

Loui McCurley, an expert in technical rope rescue, explains how to develop and implement a comprehensive protection program, enabling the rescue of fallen workers quickly and efficiently without endangering rescue personnel. Read More

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