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President's Message Archive

Through the monthly President's Message column in Professional Safety, ASSE's top leader shares his thoughts on the Society, the SH&E profession and the practice of safety. This archive covers July 2002 to present.

2012-2013 Richard A. Pollock, CSP (July 2012-June 2013)
2011-2012 Terrie S. Norris, CSP, ARM, CSPI (July 2011-June 2012)
Darryl C. Hill, PhD. , CSP (July 2010-June 2011)
Chris Patton, CSP (July 2009-June 2010)
Warren K. Brown, CSP, ARM (July 2008-June 2009)
Michael W. Thompson, CSP (July 2007 - June 2008)
Donald S. Jones, Sr., MBA, PE, CSP (July 2006 - June 2007)
Jack H. Dobson, Jr., CSP (July 2005 - June 2006)
Gene Barfield, CSP (July 2004 - June 2005)
Skipper Kendrick, CSP (July 2003 - June 2004)
Mark Hansen, PE, CSP (July 2002 - June 2003)