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Fellow Honor


The Fellow Honor is the Society's most prestigious honor, recognizing a lifetime of commitment to worker safety and health. Each Fellow recipient has had a wealth of unique personal and professional achievements in the occupational safety and health profession. They are leaders in the occupational safety and health community.

To become a Fellow, a nominee must be uniquely qualified, be nominated by a petition coordinator, and have at least six sponsors who will contribute to the petition.

When the petition is complete, it must be submitted to the Director of Professional Affairs at ASSE no later than November 1.

Nominee Qualifications

In order to qualify for the Fellow honor, a nominee must:

  • Be a Professional Member or Emeritus Professional Member in good standing.
  • Have made significant contributions to the American Society of Safety Engineers over a minimum period of twenty years. A significant contribution could be defined as number of ASSE positions held, length of service within various positions, and level of service (chapter, region, Society).
  • Have dedicated 100% of the last 20 years in a variety of safety positions such as: systems safety, industrial hygiene, ergonomics, fire protection, environmental practice, and hazardous materials management, with at least fifty percent of the time devoted to safety engineering or management, and the remaining fifty percent in other sub-disciplines of the broad practice of safety.
  • Have been or still be employed in the safety profession or one of its specialties, performing the following functions as a safety professional:
    • anticipate, identify, and evaluate hazardous conditions and practices;
    • develop hazard control designs, methods, procedures, and programs;
    • implement, administer, and advise others on hazard controls and hazard control programs; or
    • measure, audit, and evaluate the effectiveness of hazard controls and hazard control programs.
  • Adhere to the Society’s professional code of conduct.

Petition Coordinators

A petition coordinator is an individual who applies for the Fellow honor on behalf of a nominee. Petition coordinators are a fundamental component of the application process, as they are responsible for all of the materials that are submitted to the Technical and Professional Recognition Committee for consideration. He or she must compile all written materials and submit them to ASSE in a timely manner. The process requires the gathering, organizing, and presenting of information that describes a lifetime of activities and achievements in the safety profession.

If you are a Professional Member of ASSE and you are familiar with the nominee as a coworker, supervisor, subordinate, or ASSE associate, you are qualified to nominate someone for the Fellow honor.

Petition Sponsors

A petition sponsor is one of at least six individuals responsible for preparing a nominee’s reference form, which will be a key component of the Fellow petition. Fellow references illustrate the depth and breadth of the nominee’s career and articulate the significance of his or her contributions to both the occupational safety and health profession and the Society. Petition sponsors must submit all relevant materials to the petition coordinator for compilation.

If you are a professional member of ASSE and you have detailed knowledge of the nominee’s contributions and accomplishments, especially (but not solely) in the mandatory criteria, then you are qualified to be a petition sponsor.

Fellow Recipients

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  • Fellow Medallion
  • Wall Plaque
  • Lifetime Registration to the PDC
  • Invitation to Annual Past President/Fellow Dinner


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Staff Contacts

Laura Clements
Professional and Global Affairs Specialist

Dennis Hudson
Director of Professional Affairs

Fellow Petition Tutorial

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