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SH&E Staffing Issues

Title: Staffing and SH&E Professionals
Publisher: ASSE
Summary: The purpose of this white paper was to research the issues involved in evaluating staffing needs in the United States and to compile the results for review by the membership. The second purpose of the white paper was to identify some of the different methods that SH&E professionals use to address these issues.
Resource: Technical Report on Staffing Issues and SH&E Professionals

Title: Proper Staffing of an Occupational Safety and Health Office (1982)
Publisher: ASSE
Summary: A guide to staffing an occupational safety and health department within an organization.
Resource: ASSE (pdf)

Title: Staffing Analysis—Safety & Health Team Oversight Requirements: Evaluations of Multiple Models (2005)
Publisher: Los Alamos Site Office Environment, Safety & Health Team
Summary: Multiple models exist for the determination of staffing levels adequate for oversight of safety and health systems. This report examines and analyzes six different methods and compares their outputs and limitations. It also examines the agreement between the models.
Resource: ASSE (pdf)

Title: The Employer’s Guide to Hiring a Safety Professional
Publisher: ASSE
Summary: Use this guide to assist you in hiring a competent professional to manage safety and health risks in your organization.
Resource: The Employer’s Guide to Hiring a Safety Professional