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Safety Management Systems


Title: The Impact of Health and Safety Management Systems on Organizations and Their Staff (2008)
Publisher: IOSH
Summary: This report assessed the impact of organizational approaches to occupational safety and health (OSH) management on organizational performance, safety climate, employees’ attitudes to the organization and employees’ health and wellbeing. The research was conducted in 31 case study organizations, covering a broad range of company sizes and industrial sectors.

Resource: IOSH

Title: The Safety Through Design Implications in Z10
Publisher: Fred Manuele, E.E., CSP (Author)
Summary: A discussion about the ANSI Z10 standard and the significance the standard brought to SH&E professionals and their organizations.
Resource: Safety Through Design Implications in Z10 (MS Word)

Title: SH&E Management Systems and Business Integration (2005)
Publisher: ASSE
Summary: SH&E professionals are still maturing in their new roles of integrating safety management systems into business operations. As a result, they must continually assess the quality of SH&E processes as well as the depth of business integration. Gaps need to be identified and bridged to ensure success.
Resource: From 10/2005 Professional Safety Journal, Management Systems and Integration (PDF)

Title: Environmental Management Systems (EMS) as a Source of Competitive Advantage (1998)
Publisher: Michigan State University
Summary: This paper explores the events leading up to the development of EMS and how EMS can bring about a competitive advantage. Moreover, it attempts to resolve the paradox by developing a theory-based framework. This framework shows that the benefits of an EMS are the result of endogenous and exogenous factors that impact a firm’s awareness of these strategic benefits. The framework is used to generate research propositions and questions to be tested later.