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Lowering Costs of Accidents and Illnesses


Title: Focusing on the Right Issues Reduces the Cost of Risk
Publisher:ASSE Service Branch
Summary:This article illustrates how safety can be a profit center for your organization, improve the value of your brand and help you retain your most important asset-your employees.
Resource: @ Your Service

Title: The Business Benefits of Good Occupational Safety and Health (2007)
Publisher:European Agency for Safety and Health at Work
Summary: Highlights possible benefits of investing in occupational safety and health for large and small enterprises in the United Kingdom.
Resource: OSHA

Title: The Impact of Safety Professionals and Safety Culture in Reducing Workers' Compensation Costs and Workplace Injuries
Publisher: ASSE
Summary: As corporations attempt to control workers' compensation costs to reduce the impact on the bottom line, occupational safety and health professionals are integral to tackling this issue. What are safety professionals doing for companies to reduce workers' compensation costs?
Resource: ASSE

Title: The Cost of Safety: Cost Analysis Model Helps Build Business Case for Safety (2004)
Publisher: ASSE
Summary: SH&E researchers present a cost model that can be utilized to make the business case for safety.
Resource: ASSE

Title: Safety at Fort Dearborn Co.: Transforming from “Most Wanted” to Best in Class (2004)
Publisher: ASSE
Summary: A glimpse into the inner workings at Fort Dearborn Co. and how the organizations transformed the way they managed safety and health.
Resource: ASSE

Title: European Agency for Safety & Health at Work Fact Sheet (2007)
Publisher: European Agency for Safety & Health at Work
Summary: This fact sheet highlights national economics and occupational safety and health.
Resource: ASSE