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Mission Statement

WISE has been established to foster the advancement of women in the SH&E profession. This will be accomplished through:

  • Fostering an environment that allows members to share ideas
  • Ongoing evaluation of the state of women in the SH&E profession
  • Mentoring women in the SH&E profession
  • Networking to strengthen professional relationships
  • Obtaining professional certifications
  • Promoting the development and peer review of written material related to issues specific to women in the workplace as well as within the SH&E profession

General Objectives of ASSE Common Interest Groups

  • ASSE’s Common Interest Groups (CIGs) benefit the Society, its members and the safety profession
  • CIGs will support ASSE's commitment to diversity within the Society
  • CIGs will facilitate positive experiences for diverse groups in the ASSE community
  • CIGs will support the Society and the strategic plan by providing a variety of continuing education opportunities on diversity for ASSE members
  • CIGs will provide added value to ASSE members and potential members by offering opportunities for involvement in a CIG
  • CIGs will solidify ASSE's reputation as being on the forefront of emerging issues

WISE Objectives

  • Fosters an environment that allows participating members to share ideas
  • Publish a triannual newsletter
  • Develop a presence at the PDC through professional networking and educational sessions
  • Foster a mentorship process that allows veteran safety professionals to help foster success by assisting new or potential safety professionals in understanding the profession and obtaining certifications
  • Have a forum that allows for discussion that encourages and promotes women to make a greater impact within the safety profession
  • Maintain the organizational structure of WISE to support the following:
    • PDC activities
    • Mentoring
    • Newsletter and publications
    • Web administration
    • Membership

To join WISE, contact ASSE at (847) 699-2929.