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WELCOME TO 2005!!!!!

Let me wish each of you a happy and joyous new year!!! The year 2004 was an excellent year for ASSE, the ASSE Council on Practices and Standards (CoPS), and the different practice specialties. We are convinced that 2005 will be even better and it is all due to the hard work of SH&E professionals dedicating themselves to the protection of people, property, and the environment.

Each year the Council of Practices and Standards Administrators and the Vice-President vigorously solicit members to become involved in various Practice Specialties within ASSE. Today, as your Vice-President I am writing an article to solicit members to become involved. However, I would like to take another approach by providing you a “snapshot” of what CoPS is attempting to provide and give you specific information about products or services we are attempting to develop and offer to our members. This list of products and services should give you an idea how you can get involved and schedule your valuable time accordingly.

CoPS Objective:
COPS objective is to provide the technical resources and harness the body of knowledge among our members to share with the Society and individual Practice Specialty membership. Our strategy to achieve this object is simple: Develop products and services that better network our expertise and share it among the membership so to assist you in performing your job and protecting workers, property and the environment.

The objective is realistic and the networking is simple to perform with our technology today. The complexity begins by attempting to get as many members as possible to participate. CoPS can ask but it ultimately takes the individual to make the decision to participate. What should go into your decision to participate? Each individual will answer this question based on their own views and circumstance; but in my view, I break the question down into three distinct ways:

  1. Networking is the key to assisting each one us in handling problems at work, educating us on the “real world experiences” (those problems address already by someone else) and sharing that information. This can only be done by participation. The more participation the better the networking. If I give a little I get something back.
  2. You can only commit so much time. Like all of you my professional work and personal life takes most of the available time. Many of the products and services we are creating in CoPS take relatively little time (such as answering specific technical questions or sharing a best practice that has already been created) and sharing it with the group. Perhaps some other products will take much more time, but it ultimately is your decision.
  3. A Professional Organization benefits members by providing skills and knowledge to perform better in their careers, influencing the legislative/regulatory arena, and creating recognized best industry practices, which we can all use. CoPS is attempting to do this by developing these cutting edge products and services. However, we cannot accomplish it without the help of individual members.

Products and Services:
Below are some of the CoPS products and services we are attempting to develop for the benefit of the membership within the council and by supporting the efforts of other councils such as Professional Development and Professional Affairs. If you wish to participate, take a look at the areas you can be involved in:

  • Technical Audio Conference Calls
  • Quality Newsletters
  • Technical Papers
  • Technical Questions and Answers Bulletins
  • Professional Safety Articles
  • Speakers Bureau
  • Regional PDC
  • National PDC
  • Books and Guidance Publications
  • Technical Standards
  • Society Position Statements
  • CoPS assistance to Governmental Affairs
  • Hot Topics
  • CoPS Bulletin Board and A-List

In closing, I want to thank you for taking the time to read this personal letter. I want to thank those members who have been actively engaged in CoPS, both past and present, to help make the products and services listed above a reality to its members. It is you that has made this networking of technical resources and sharing of expertise that has advance us.

Last, the more member participation we are able to engage in the process the better the networking result will be. If you want to participate, at whatever level, we welcome you.

Thank YOU

James D. Smith
Vice President