The Mining Practice Specialty (MPS) began as the Mining Division in 1998 and held its first advisory committee meeting on June 16, 1998 at ASSE’s Professional Development Conference in Seattle, WA. MPS has always offered its members opportunities to network with other SH&E professionals in the mining industry who can provide real-world guidance and support for those promoting responsible mining. Today, MPS’s members include coal miners, metal miners, non-metal miners, consultants, suppliers and others in the mining industry worldwide. MPS’s triannual electronic publication Inside Global Mining routinely features legislative and regulatory updates on mining safety, and MPS members often testify before Congress on behalf of the Society. MPS also helps develop technical sessions for ASSE’s annual conference and sponsors webinars on cutting-edge issues within the mining industry.

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Volunteer Advisory Committee

Administrator: Robert Blaylock
Assistant Administrator: Fred "Mick" Lewis
Content Coordinator: Adele Abrams
Secretary: Tina Stanczewski
Membership Chair: Rustin Reed & Jason Runyan 
Awards & Honors Chair: Jeff Jarvela & Corrie Pitzer
Professional Development Chair: Paul English
Body of Knowledge Chair: Frank D’Orsi
Website/Social Media Chair: Ernie Miranda
Nominations Chair: Elaine Cullen


The American Mining Industry infuses the nation's economy with an annual economic impact of over $500 billion while paying approximately $8 billion in taxes and over $14 billion in wages and benefits to miners and their families. To sustain our standard of living, 47,000 pounds of newly mined material must be produced for every man, woman and child in the country each and every year. Consider the material used in the foundation of your house, the roads you travel and the energy you rely on. Even the computer you are using is made from some 30 different minerals.

Mining companies responsibly provide this vital service to our country while disturbing less than one quarter of one percent of land in the United States. Additionally, well over two million acres of mined lands in this country have been reclaimed and will be restored to their original condition or better. Most importantly, the mining community has met the nation's demand for minerals while remaining steadfast in its conviction that safety is a value. In 1977, congress mandated that "the first priority and concern of all in the coal or other mining industry must be the health and safety of its most precious resource—the miner." Since that time, the mining industries have reduced fatalities by over 70%, and they have maintained a reportable accident rate well below the average for all American businesses.

The success in America is representative of a global trend toward responsibility in mining. People who earn a living in this industry form a unique community who willingly collaborate in an effort to work in the best interest of miners, our neighbors and the environment on a global scale. This practice specialty is an extension of that community. We strive to be a valued resource by our members and outside contacts for effective safety, health and environmental (SH&E) management practices in the mining industries.

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