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The Consultants Practice Specialty (CPS) has helped contribute to the profession by providing technical assistance in a variety of areas, both as external consultants to their clients and as internal consultants to their organizations. CPS strives to serve its members by keeping them abreast on technical information and providing information about the unique demands of running a business (i.e., marketing, accounting, insurance, etc.).


If you missed the combined Open Call with Management Practice Specialty on April 23rd,featuring Mary Silva and Linda Tapp’s presentation, "Creating a Winning Proposal for Safety 2019" you can view the video and access the slides here. 


Consultants PS Mentoring Program

The goal of the CPS mentoring program is to connect mentors with mentees, resulting in learning and growth for both partners. This pairing is designed to assist CPS members gain knowledge and skills in business acumen and consulting skills. Click here for more information.

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Consultants Business Development Guide

Although becoming a professional safety consultant may seem, at first glance, to be an ideal job, the reality can be quite different, and a lot more work than you originally imagined. The Consultants Business Development Guide will help you plan out and set up your consulting business, from what type of business you want to be (sole proprietor, partnership, or head of your own company), to how to evaluate your consulting business after the first year (and thereafter). Read more

Sample Article

Dealing With A Slow Income Stream
I am the same person, it is not the same business and it is definitely not the same economy.


Volunteer Advisory Committee
Administrator: Carol Keyes
Assistant Administrator: Andrew Johnson
Content Coordinator: Alexis Westin
Secretary: Carol Robinson
Membership Chair: Greg Zigulis
Government Affairs & Standards Chair: Terry Grisim
Awards & Honors: Debby Shewitz and Deb Roy
Professional Development Chair: Abby Ferri
Body of Knowledge Chair: Dan Snyder
Social Media Chair: Alexis Westin
Resource Message Board: Deb Roy, Debby Shewitz, & Dave Smith
Resource Development: Debby Shewitz, Carol Robinson, & David Smith
Nominations/Elections Chair: Terry Grisim
Mentoring Committee: Carol Robinson, Chris Ross, & Dave Smith
Technical Question Coordinator: Carol Keyes

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The Foundation is the charitable arm of the American Society of Safety Engineers, focusing on educational programs that advance the profession we serve, developing tomorrow’s safety leaders, and supporting research to expand the knowledge of the safety community. If Safety Matters to you please donate today.

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