ASSE Call for Assistance on Ergo Value Project

To help in its second project, ASSE's Ergonomics Task Force is asking ASSE members for assistance in an initiative to collect information on how to measure and demonstrate the value of ergonomics in the workplace. This project has grown out of conversations with National Advisory Committee on Ergonomics (NACE) leadership, which has identified the need for this kind of information as it advances the ergonomics issue at the national level.

Specifically, ASSE is seeking information on cost justification and value analysis for ergonomic improvement efforts and would like to gather information that answers the following questions:

  • What types of direct and indirect costs and benefits are used to evaluate ergonomic projects?
  • What criteria are used to determine if an ergonomic intervention is 'effective' or not?
  • How accurate is the forecasting of costs, benefits, and effectiveness?
  • What types of subjective choices, if any, are included in the decision or approval process?
  • How is this process different, if at all, from the justification or evaluation of other types of safety or health improvement projects?
  • What types of tools or information do safety professionals need most in order to make effective choices in addressing ergonomic issues?

The information collected will be reviewed for possible development of a set of tools or resources for use by ASSE members and safety professionals in evaluating effective workplace ergonomics improvements.

Please forward your answers to Dave Heidorn, Manager of Government Affairs and Policy at ASSE at

For any questions, please contact any of the Ergo Task Force Members -- Mark Hansen at; Lawrence Schulze at LJSchulz@Central.UH.EDU; Phil Jacobs at; or Marsie De Oliviera at