The link below is to a series of papers published by the International Labour Organization (ILO) addressing investment in occupational safety and health. The papers are:

Chapter 1 : The Cost of Accidents and Diseases

* Economic Costs and the Incentive to Improve Safety and Health
* Direct and Indirect Costs
* Internal and External Costs
* Quantifying the Economic Costs of Occupational Injuries and Diseases
* Conclusion
* References

Chapter 2 : The Role of Economic Incentives for Occupational Safety and Health

* Cost Internalization and the Case for Economic Incentives
* First-Generation Economic Incentives: Hazard Pay and Employer Liability
* Second Generation Economic Incentives: Workers' Compensation
* Third Generation Economic Incentives: Integrated Incentive and Protection Systems
* Lessons for the Future
* References

Chapter 3 : Investments in Occupational Safety and Health

* Can the Costs of Injuries and Illnesses Be Controlled?
* OSH Investments at the Enterprise Level
* The Net Cost of Occupational Safety and Health Investments
* References