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CoPS Awards

CoPS Awards

We highly encourage CoPS members to nominate peers for an award to recognize their exceptional work and service. Winners will be acknowledged at the PDC, on this website and in press releases. Below is an outline of the awards we offer. Refer to the corresponding documents above for more information and submission requirements. Please contact Awards & Honors Chair, Buddy Newbold, with any questions.

Practice Specialty Recognition Award
  • Based on Self-Evaluation Matrix points. Achievement/certificate levels outlined in Awards & Honors (A&H) Procedures.
  • Advisory Committee should send Matrix and supporting documents (if point total is less than 65% of points available) to Buddy Newbold by 3/15.
Best Technical Publication Award
  • Each Practice Specialty must submit one article to Char Haguewood  by 3/15.
  • The article must be original and published between June PDC-April 30.
  • All nominations will appear in the Best of the Best publication and the top article will receive $150.
  • The CoPS A&H Committee will vote on the top article and the CoPS VP will approve the final selection.
  • Each Practice Specialty and Common Interest Group is encouraged to submit one nominee to Buddy Newbold by 3/15.
  • Include a statement following the criteria outlined in the A&H Procedures (page 3).
  • The winner will receive $500.
Practice Specialty SPY
  • Each Practice Specialty (PS) Administrator is encouraged to submit one winning candidate to the CoPS VP by 3/15.
  • If a Branch has a worthy member, they should submit nominations through their sponsoring PS.
Branch Significant Contributor
  • Each Branch Chair is encouraged to submit one winning candidate to the CoPS VP by 3/15.
Common Interest Group Significant Contributor
  • Each CIG Chair is encouraged to submit one winning candidate to the CoPS VP by 3/15.
Thomas F. Bresnahan Standards Medal
  • The application (in the A&H Procedures) and any supporting material should be submitted to Tim Fisher by 3/15.
  • The winner will receive $500.

History of CoPS Awards

Awards for each of the Practice Specialties (formerly divisions) have been distributed since the early 1970s. These awards were established to recognize select Practice Specialty members who have helped advance the occupational safety, health and environmental profession through exemplary volunteer service to the Society and to their respective Practice Specialty during the ASSE calendar year. As Branches and Common Interest Groups have formed, awards have been established to recognize their contributions.


To be nominated for a Practice Specialty, Branch or Common Interest Group award, you must be a member of that particular group.

All-CoPS Safety Professional of the Year Winners

CoPS Awards Winners

  • 2014 Awards Presentation 
  • 2013 Awards Presentation 
  • 2012 Awards Presentation 
  • 2011 Awards Presentation 
  • 2013
  • 2012
  • 2011
  • 2010
  • 2009
  • 2008
  • 2007
    • Academics: Mark Friend
    • Construction: Barry Abshire
    • Consultants: William R. "Bob" Coffey
    • Engineering: Bruce Main
    • Environmental: Bryant Winterholer
    • Healthcare: James Sheridan
    • Industrial Hygiene: Maritza Adams
    • International: James Johnston
    • Management: David Bascom
    • Public Sector: Gregory Langan
    • Risk Management/Insurance: Leslie Batterson
  • 2006
    • Academics: Anthony Veltri
    • Construction: Steven Gray
    • Consultants: Pamela Ferrante
    • Engineering: J. Nigel Ellis
    • Environmental: Jeffrey Deeds
    • Healthcare: Jeffrey Nesbitt
    • Industrial Hygiene: Richard Hofman
    • International: John "Jack" Fearing
    • Management: Paul Riley
    • Mining: Wesley Harkins
    • Public Sector: Judy Smith-Thill
    • Risk Management/Insurance: Patricia Kagerer
  • 2005
    • Academics: Hamid Fonooni
    • Construction: Richard King
    • Consultants: Deborah Shewitz
    • Engineering: Gina Mayer-Costa
    • Environmental: Douglas Sharp
    • Healthcare: Eric Meittunen
    • Industrial Hygiene: Richard Hofman
    • International: Neil Dine
    • Management: Christopher Gates
    • Risk Management/Insurance: Dirk Duchscherer
  • 2004
    • Academics: Michael O'Toole
    • Construction: R. Ronald Sokol
    • Consultants: Kimberlie Johnson
    • Engineering: Dennis Neitzel
    • Environmental: Jeffery Camplin
    • Healthcare: Aruna Vadgama
    • Industrial Hygiene: Diana Ash
    • Management: Robert Howarth
    • Public Sector: Dennis Knapp
    • Risk Management/Insurance: Steven NyBlom
  • 2003
    • Academics: James Ramsay
    • Construction: Darryl Hill
    • Consultants: Linda Tapp
    • Engineering: Joel Haight
    • Environmental: Judy Freeman & Mary Ann Latko
    • Healthcare: Steven Sobczak
    • International: John Kanouse
    • Management: David Crowley
    • Mining: Gary Buffington
    • Public Sector: Sedigheh Sharifpour
  • 2002
    • Construction: Odean Stanton
    • Environmental: Laurie Rudolph
    • Healthcare: Steven Sobczak
    • International: Ronald Kitson
    • Management: Donald Jones
    • Mining: Gary Buffington
    • Risk Management/Insurance: Steven NyBlom
  • 2001
    • Construction: Gary Buffington
    • Environmental: Thomas Butler, Jr.
    • Healthcare: Kenneth Weinberg
    • Industrial Hygiene: Diana Ash
    • Management: Edwin L. "Brownie" Petersen
    • Mining: Randy McBurnett
    • Risk Management/Insurance: Michael McKeon
    • Transportation: Patrick McKeon
  • 2000
    • Construction: Jim Lapping
    • Environmental: Donald Biondo
    • Healthcare: James Speelman
    • International: Thomas Grego
    • Management: Robert Potts
    • Mining: Adele Abrams
  • 1999
    • Construction: Michael Hayslip
    • Environmental: Al Weaver
    • Healthcare: Matt Javersak
    • International: George Pearson
    • Public Sector: Wallace Cackowski
    • Transportation: Paul Tamburelli

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