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Listen to Agricultural Branch Chair, Mike Wolfe's message for National Farm Safety and Health Week - September 15th - 21st!

The Agricultural Branch provides a forum for SH&E professionals in the agriculture industry to network and to gain knowledge regarding best practices, current trends and regulations. Topic coverage ranges from tractor safety, noise exposures, bin entry, seed production, feeding and raising livestock to forestry and fishing.  

The Agricultural Branch is sponsored by the Environmental Practice Specialty (EPS), so membership is FREE to EPS members.

Member Benefits

  • Network with top agricultural professionals via LinkedIn, Facebook, conference calls and annual face-to-face meetings.
  • Triannual electronic technical publications via email.
  • Access to 150+ interviews with top industry professionals.
  • Publication opportunities.
  • Advisory committee guidance and advice.
  • Volunteer and leadership opportunities.
  • Discounts on group-sponsored webinars.
  • Group sponsorship on conference speaking proposals.
  • Mentoring services.

Volunteer Advisory Committee

Chair: Brian Hammer
Vice Chair: Mike Wolf
Secretary: Melvin Myers
Publication Coordinator: Caroline Peterson
Membership Development: OPEN
Social Media: Mike Wolfe
Website Development: OPEN
Conferences & Seminars: Chris Buechle
Body of Knowledge: OPEN
Awards & Honors: OPEN

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