Industrial Hygiene Practice Specialty Update


The coming months will be busy and exciting for ASSE's Industrial Hygiene Practice Specialty, with many opportunities for members to get involved.

House of Delegates: Council on Academic Affairs & Research

ASSE's Board of Directors has filed a motion to form the Council on Academic Affairs and Research. This motion must be approved by the House of Delegates, in which our practice specialty has a vote.

This proposed new council would streamline operations and harmonize policies across ASSE involving academic-related matters. The Society’s current organizational structure creates silos for academic standards, student member engagement and Academics Practice Specialty members, and does not strongly facilitate the advancement of OSH research.

At a time when ASSE senior leadership has reinforced the organization's commitment to education and research and has confirmed a strategic commitment to research, professional development and education, this new council would centralize administration for OSH educators, students, academic publication, research and educational policy. Overall, it would better equip ASSE to respond nimbly to opportunities and challenges.

In addition, the council will provide a logical and sustainable structure to maintain ASSE’s engagement in international efforts focused on professionalization and education (e.g., International Network of Safety and Health Practitioner Organizations).

This recommendation is traced to the recognition of a need to better serve the academic community, and the Society's commitment to research and the profession in general. The recommendation was developed through a series of evaluations, ongoing dialogue, and meetings with the Education Standards Committee (comprised of academics), staff, recent/past leaders of the Academics Practice Specialty, the Council on Professional Affairs and the Board of Directors.

The Industrial Hygiene Practice Specialty will vote in favor of this motion unless we hear considerable objection from the membership.I f you have concerns or object to the motion, please e-mail Ann Schubert or me before April 4.

Silica Guidance

ASSE's Government Affairs Committee has reached out to our group for assistance in drafting a guide on OSHA's silica standard. Our members are ASSE's subject-matter experts in occupational exposure assessment and control. We are forming a team to draft guidance that addresses compliance with the standard in various industries. Please e-mail team chairs Joe Kapp or Juliette Travous by March 23 if you are interested in joining this team.

Industrial Hygiene Practice Specialty Safety Professional of the Year

Each year, our practice specialty nominates a member for our Safety Professional of the Year Award to recognize that individual's ongoing efforts and contributions to the Society. We will present the award at Safety 2018 in San Antonio, TX. Nominations are due to ASSE by March 15. To nominate a member,  please e-mail Jeff Nesbitt, Ann Schubert or me. You can submit your nomination directly on the Council on Practices and Standards awards web page.

We look forward to hearing from you! Please contact me or ASSE staff if you have feedback or questions.

Vic D’Amato
Admininstrator, ASSE Industrial Hygiene Practice Specialty


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