ASSE’s 2015 Triangle Award for Heroic Dedication Goes to John Teague


PARK RIDGE, Ill. (MAY 6, 2015) - The American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE) is proud to announce John Teague as the winner of the 2015 Triangle Award for Heroic Dedication for his role in raising awareness of the dangerous of distracted driving across the State of Texas.

Given in honor of the 146 victims of the 1911 Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire in New York City, ASSE’s Triangle Award honors a safety, health and occupational professional who, in the course of going beyond his or her normally assigned duties, either prevents or minimizes physical injury, loss of life or substantial property damage in a workplace. In its third year, the Triangle Award was given to Teague during North American Occupational Safety and Health(NAOSH) Week in Washington D.C.

Teague works as safety manager, as well as the Department of Transportation and OSHA Compliance Officer, at Hughes Transportation in Odessa, Texas, overseeing 150 trucks and drivers each day. In the last two years, Hughes has received a Safety Award from Texas Mutual. 

But the award has a much more personal meaning for Teague. In 2010, Teague’s son, Dustin, was killed when he lost control of his car and crashed while texting. Teague and his wife, Shannon, have traveled across Texas sharing their personal tragedy to highlight the real risks and potential deadly consequences of distracted driving.

“Our son Dustin, 22, at the time of his death, was the first of 13 young adults we lost in a six-week period in the fall of 2010,” Teague said. “In 2014, distracted driving was a factor in more than 100,000 crashes in our state, an increase of 6 percent over 2013. These crashes were responsible for more than 3,200 injuries and 468 deaths.”

The couple leads a support group, the Compassionate Friends of West Texas, for Odessa-area parents who have also lost a child, and they frequently organize distracted driving events.

In February 2015, the couple lobbied the Texas General Assembly to pass a law to ban the use of cell phones while driving. The bill has yet to be passed.


Founded in 1911, the Park Ridge, Illinois-based ASSE is the oldest professional safety organization and is committed to protecting people, property and the environment. Its more than 37,000 occupational safety, health and environmental professional members lead, manage, supervise, research and consult on safety, health, transportation and environmental issues in all industries, government, labor, health care and education. For more information please go to www.asse.org.


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