NASA Buy Quiet Roadmap Updated

From NASA – The NASA Buy-Quiet Process Roadmap, an online tool for navigating the procurement of low-noise equipment, has a new home.  The Roadmap, which has been upgraded and updated over the past several months, is part of the NASA EARLAB Auditory Demonstration Laboratory website, which is now located at http://buyquietroadmap.com.  The Roadmap may be accessed from the “Buy-Quiet Purchasing” tab in the top navigation menu.  Other NASA hearing conservation resources, such as the Auditory Demonstrations series, MACSUG, JeopEARdy, and TWA Calculator are also part of this website.  All are available as free, publicly-available digital downloadable files.  This new site, which replaces previous versions at http://adl.grc.nasa.gov and http://adl.amygfelfand.com, is hosted and maintained by Nelson Acoustics as a service to the noise control and hearing conservation technical community.  Please bookmark the new URL for future reference. The Roadmap guides users through a stepwise process that includes project planning, researching the marketplace, selecting an achievable noise emission criterion, and developing a specification document. The Roadmap also includes guidelines for identifying the appropriate government procurement strategy for each purchase, based on an assessment of the purchase-specific long-term financial and noise exposure risk.  The Roadmap is applicable to both public and private sector organizations, and the downloadable forms and worksheets can be customized to each organization.  There is a very brief tutorial PowerPoint presentation here:  http://buyquietroadmap.com/buy-quiet-purchasing/buy-quiet-process-roadmap/about-the-nasa-buy-quiet-process-r​oadmap/roadmap-tutorials/.    You are urged to explore the new Roadmap and let NASA know what you think.  In particular, NASA is interested in feedback on the cost-of-noise analysis, described in this paper:  http://buyquietroadmap.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/02/Long-Term-Cost-of-Noise-Exposure.pdf, which provides a methodology for calculating the cost of long-term exposure to the noise emission of various candidate products being considered for a particular purchase.  This allows the comparison of the true cost of candidate products that may differ in noise emission and price.  With your help, we will continue to improve and update the Roadmap.

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