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Council on Member and Region Affairs

CoMRA is responsible for planning, organizing and managing Society resources to provide programs, procedures and operational support for healthy and effective Regions, Areas, Chapters, and Sections as well as growing and maintaining the current Society's membership. CoMRA is responsible for the Society's efforts in:

  • Membership recruitment, admission and retention
  • Administration, operation and leadership support of Regions, Areas, Chapters, Sections, and Student Sections
  • Personal member services
  • Chapter and Regional awards and honors programs

Click here for details on the members of CoMRA.

Several staff members support the direct efforts of the Council:

CoMRA is composed of the eight Regional Vice Presidents and the Senior Vice President serves as the chair.

  • CoMRA Chair and Senior Vice President
    Kathy Seabrook, CSP, CMIOSH
  • CoMRA Member & Region 1 Vice President
    Martin P. Jeppeson, CSP, ARM
  • CoMRA Member & Region 2 Vice President
    James G. Gallup, P.E., CSP
  • CoMRA Member & Region 3 Vice President
    G. Alan Brown, CSP, CPEA
  • CoMRA Member & Region 4 Vice President
    Michael Belcher, CSP
  • CoMRA Member & Region 5 Vice President
    Maribeth A. Anderson
  • CoMRA Member & Region 6 Vice President
    Vincent R. Miller Jr., CSP
  • CoMRA Member & Region 7 Vice President
    Stephanie Helgerman, CSP
  • CoMRA Member & Region 8 Vice President
    Robert E. McClay, Jr., CSP
  • Ex-Officio Member & ASSE President
    Terrie S. Norris, CSP, ARM, CPSI
  • Ex-Officio Member & ASSE President-Elect
    Richard A. Pollock, CSP