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ASSE Sets Principles for OSHA I2P2 Rulemaking

Posted in , on Thu, Jan 27, 2011

In a letter to OSHA Assistant Secretary David Michaels, ASSE applauded him for beginning the task of promulgating an injury and illness prevention program (I2P2) standard, which ASSE has long wanted OSHA to pursue. Set out in the letter are 10 principles to help guide ASSE’s engagement in I2P2 rulemaking. ASSE urged OSHA to consider them as a basis for its standard. The first principle states, “An I2P2 standard must encourage a movement in this nation towards risk-based management of workplace hazards.” Also address are employee and employer involvement, continual improvement and periodic review, professional qualifications, flexibility for small employers, existing state I2P2 standards, harmonization with voluntary standards, OSHA personnel training, and utilizing the experience of VPP participants.

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