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Region II: Area B, Area Director Candidate


Nathan Spencer, CSP, CIH



Nathan H Spencer, CSP, CIH, years ago Nate had a friend share his passion for working in the Safety, Health and Environmental field. He left that conversation with stars in his eyes which led to him completing a Bachelor’s degree in the Industrial Hygiene program at Utah State University. Nate is a Certified Safety Professional and Certified Industrial Hygienist and has worked for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints for 16 years. He enjoys the work that he performs as a Safety, Health and Environmental Manager.

His primary responsibilities in his current position relate to keeping employees, volunteers and members of the public safe that are present and working in manufacturing, distribution, shipping, retail, farming, food production and social service environments. He has made a specific focus in his work to prevent the occurrence of serious injuries and fatalities. He is originally from the Salt Lake City area and has been an active participant in the local Utah Chapter and Region 2 of the American Society of Safety Engineers. He and his wife Jodi are the happy parents of 3 children.  The Spencer family enjoys sailing, camping, backpacking, bird-watching, canoeing and fishing together.  Nate is a Professional member of ASSE.

Platform Statement

I am passionate about the EH&S profession and strongly feel that ASSE is the premiere organization that provides the support to those working in this discipline. As the Region 2 Area B Director I would strive to work with the Area B Chapters to emphasize the meaningful ways that ASSE has helped me, namely to:

  1. Provide real solutions to real problems – including emerging issues.
  2. Promote professional comradery. There is a great strength that comes from meeting with people that share the same passions about the profession which in my experience has led me to meet some of the best people I know.
  3. Educate others on the importance of the work we do which includes the important work to recruit others into our profession.
  4. Have an association with a quality organization.

I feel that it is important to stay focused on meaningful work – providing meaningful services and opportunities to those who are members. I feel that the local chapters, the front lines of the ASSE, were never intended to be just a club, or a small cog of a nonprofit with aspirations of growing bigger just for ‘bigger’ sake but rather are the spots where the magic happens that provides real benefits to those in our profession – a location from which we rally together to make the world a better place. It is the mantra of ‘Keeping it meaningful’ that will motivate me as I strive to support those providing service in each of the Area B Chapters.

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