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Practice Specialty Assistant Administrator - Academics Candidate


Jack Ogutu, Ph.D., AEP, ASP



Jack Ogutu, Ph.D., AEP, ASP, is Assistant Professor & Program Coordinator of the Occupational

Safety & Environmental Health Program at Millersville University of Pennsylvania.  Jack graduated from Auburn University in Alabama with a Doctorate in Industrial & Systems Engineering. His main focus was in Occupational Safety and Ergonomics. Jack’s research interests include; Design for large individuals and Development of ergonomics tools and methods for postural evaluation, Risk Management for large employers.

Jack also volunteers as a Program Evaluator for the ABET-ASAC commission.  Jack is a professional member of the American Society of Safety Engineers and is both Certified as an Associate Safety Professional (ASP) and Associate Ergonomics Professional (AEP).

Platform Statement

I am submitting my name for consideration as the Assistant Administrator for the APS out of a desire to serve ASSE and fellow colleagues. This is an opportunity I have been looking forward to, and so hope I get the opportunity to serve.

I plan on working with the APS administrator and other committee members to explore ways of getting more faculty members involved, develop mentorship program between “seasoned” faculty and “new” faculty within the group. I also hope to see more research partnerships between schools and/or members within the group.

I also hope to continue working with both the administrator and committee members to develop and nurture partnerships between APS and other interest groups with almost similar purposes.

Thanks for considering me for this position; I look forward to serving you if elected.

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