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Practice Specialty Assistant Administrator - Academics Candidate


Helmut W Paschold, Ph.D., CSP, CIH



Dr. Helmut Paschold, Ph.D., CSP, CIH,  holds a B.S. and M.S. in Industrial Engineering.  His terminal degree is a Ph.D. in Environmental Science and Engineering.  He began his practice of occupational safety and health field in 1978 with an insurance company’s safety engineering department and later in his own consulting firm.  After teaching college courses as an adjunct since 1983, Dr. Paschold began a full time career in academia in 2005 and is currently an Assistant Professor of Safety Sciences at Indiana University of Pennsylvania. He has taught over 12 courses at IUP in safety, health and the environment. He holds the Certified Safety Professional (CSP) and Certified Industrial Hygienist (CIH) designations; also, he is licensed as a Professional Engineer in Texas.  Dr. Paschold has ten publications in peer reviewed journals and has presented frequently at professional conferences.

Platform Statement

As a 38 year member of ASSE I have had experience with a multitude of operations, first as a safety engineer for a major worker compensation provider, secondly running a small safety consulting business, and most recently in full time academics.  During each phase of my professional career, leadership roles involved employees, clients, students and colleagues.  My strengths lie in broad experience with private practice and academics along with an open mind to reach consensus in leadership.  More importantly, I know what I don’t know and readily solicit the expertise of knowledgeable persons.  My industrial engineering skills constantly kick in when it comes to the organization of talent and time to maximize individual and group efforts.

I will use my skill set with a commitment to facilitating the existing talent within the Academic Practice Specialty and to recruit and expand the membership.  I support the current APS promotion of ESH education through the well-being of members and mentorship of students, along with the role of APS as a significant influence in the EHS academic, accreditation, professional development, and research areas.  Our profession must grow and the APS should be proactive in increasing the numbers of qualified academicians to satisfy the growing demand for well-developed SHE graduates.

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