Gregory L. Smith, CSP, is president of CSHI in Austin, Texas, which provides consulting, training and education, auditing, and other safety-related services. Smith has more than 28 years of experience in the safety field, working in a variety of environments.  Prior to joining CSHI, he was operations manager for the Contractors Safety Council of Texas City in Texas City, Texas.  He holds both a B.S. and M.S. in IH and Safety from the University of Houston-Clear Lake.

An ASSE member since 1996, he is a Professional Member and has held the offices of treasurer, v.p. of communications and president in the Gulf Coast Chapter. Smith’s Region III service includes current service as Region III RVP, one term as ARVP, and six years on the Regional PDC planning committee.  Societal service includes Secretary and Assistant Administrator positions of the Construction Practice Specialty, special task force for the 2002 Leadership Conference, and interim Chair of the ASSE Body of Knowledge. He currently serves on the ASSE BoD as the Region III RVP and is on the Leadership Conference Planning Committee

Smith was named the Gulf Coast Chapter’s “Safety Professional of the Year” in 2001. He is an approved instructor for the University of Cincinnati’s OSHA Education Center, and sits on several ASSE committees and other non-profit boards. Smith has presented at a national PDC, several Region III PDC’s, local and regional events, and has authored materials for the Construction Practice Specialty's textbook project and the ASSE Safety Professionals’ Handbook

Platform Statement

For you to judge whether you want me to lead the Region forward for another two years, you first need to consider my philosophy about Safety, how I define Leadership, and how these relate to Region III and the Society.

Safety is something special to each of us, or we wouldn’t be in this profession. To me, its execution revolves around true communication in all its forms, and then basing my decisions on the communications. I’ll continue to use that same philosophy in my decisions affecting the Region and Society: Communicate and Act for the Betterment of the Group.

Leadership means you set the example of performance and then nurture that in others while simultaneously pushing yourself to grow. Success in that process requires that you seek a balance between your private and professional lives to be effective, but it also requires self-reflection and contemplation to see if you’re growing or just reorganizing. That will be my continuing approach to leading the Region: Set the Example and Create Growth.

What I’ve already done is in my bio. Some of the things I’ll do if you re-elect me will depend on what you want and need. But I will always do my best to strengthen our voices in the affairs of our Society; to help grow our profession; including the support of Student Leadership events, and to take us farther than we have gone before. How far and where we go is truly…up to us.

Thank you for your support.