Brett T. Beoubay, CSP
State Loss Prevention Manager
State of Louisiana
Baton Rouge, LA


Brett Beoubay, CSP, is the loss prevention manager for the State of Louisiana.  He oversees the State’s safety audit and training programs for all 100,000+ state employees.  Beoubay has more than 20 years experience in the safety field.  Previously, he was vice-president of operations/S&H director for the Baton Rouge Safety Council.  Beoubay has also worked as a safety/IH consultant for each of the following: Louisiana’s OSHA Consultation program, a CIH consultant, and a shipyard.  He holds a B.S. in Industrial & Agricultural Technology (with an OS&H option) from Louisiana State University – Baton Rouge.

An ASSE professional member of the Greater Baton Rouge Chapter since 1994, he held all six elected offices (’98-’04) and served as chairman of several committees.  During his term as president (‘02-’03), the chapter received its first and only medium-sized Chapter of the Year Award in 50 years.

Currently, he serves as the Louisiana Area Director.  Beoubay’s Region IV service includes assisting with the planning of several regional professional development conferences.  Nationally, he was a member of the Admissions Committee.
Beoubay was named the GBR Chapter’s Safety Professional of the Year (SPY) in 2004, Region IV SPY in 2005, and twice nominated for National SPY.  He also received the chapter president’s award in 2002.  Beoubay has also been involved with: the American Industrial Hygiene Association, the Board of Certified Safety Professionals’ ASP/CSP question writing committee, and the National Safety Council’s Public Employee Executive Committee.


As an active Professional Member, board member, and/or committee chair for over fifteen years, what I believe to be one of the major challenges facing the Society is that members are often not aware of how to take full advantage of all the benefits available to them.

As an intermediary between the chapters and the region, I see the position of Area Director as an ideal opportunity to assist in bridging that informational gap.  Not only will I actively work in tandem with the Regional Vice-President to ensure that the mission and goals of the Society are clear and beneficial to the members, but I will also remain in continued contact with the executive boards statewide as a consultant and resource in the development of their respective chapters.

Specifically, at the chapter level, several of my intended goals include:  reaching a consensus on shared best practices; strengthening the relationship between the chapters and student sections; encouraging safety and health partnerships with community schools/organizations; and assisting in cultivating future chapter leaders from the current membership.

The success of the Society depends largely on a solid base established at the chapter level, and the more that the members are aware of what opportunities for personal and professional growth are available to them, the greater the benefit will be to all of ASSE.   In large part, communicating that message involves the efforts of the Area Director at both the chapter and regional levels.