James G. Gallup, P.E., CSP
Sr. Fire Protection Engineer
Rolf Jensen & Associates
Phoenix, AZ  


James G. Gallup, P.E., CSP is a senior fire protection engineer for Rolf Jensen & Associates in Phoenix, AZ. His job responsibilities include fire protection code consulting, fire protection system design, teaching, and litigation support. He has 35 years of experience in the fire protection field with 8 of those years also providing occupational safety and loss control services.

Gallup holds a BS degree in Fire Protection and Safety Engineering from the Illinois Institute of Technology (1974). He is a registered professional engineer in AZ, CA, IL, and WA states. He has served on several committees for the NFPA.

Gallup joined ASSE in 1982. In 2000 he became active in the Arizona Chapter. He has served as the president of the Chapter. During his tenure, the AZ Chapter was awarded the Stars Award and the Chapter of the Year Award.

He currently serves as the Region II Vice President. He previously served as the Area A Director for Region II for 2004-2008. He spoke at three Leadership Conferences.

Gallup was awarded the AZ Chapter SPY Award for 2005-2006. He was awarded the Region II SPY Award for 2006-2007.

Gallup has authored 16 articles for such prestigious magazines as Professional Safety Magazine, and the Plant Engineering Magazine. He also authored a chapter in the Safety Professionals Handbook regarding fire protection cost estimating. In 2008 he also wrote an article for the Fire Protection Practice Specialty.

During the past two years Region II has made substantial visible strides to serve our members better. We have increased communications not only through the Region II Newsletter but through frequent chapter communications. We have established and utilized a Regional advisory team to help with direction. We have Region II members serving on Society-level committees. We have explored ways to use technology to get ROC information to more chapter members. We have increased the funds available to help the smaller chapters.

We continue to be challenged by geography in our smaller chapters. Officers in smaller chapters still need to re-enlist as officers at future times to meet the chapter’s needs in some chapters. Overall our chapter leaders are very busy people trying to meet the large demands placed on them.

An additional challenge involves the aging of our members. Our baby-boomers will retire at greater rates than young members become active.
This year I will continue to encourage our task force to work to improve the use of technology in the Region. I will also work through the ROC to find ways to help the smaller chapters to hold ROCs and to attend the Leadership Conference. I will look for ways to help the chapters recruit young people into the Society. Perhaps NAOSH Week can become the vehicle for increased emphasis Region-wide. Finally, I will work through the ROC to try to find ways of increasing the visibility of young people in the leadership of the chapters.