J. Brett Carruthers, CSP
Risk Management Coordinator
Wright Risk Management Company, LLC
Niagara Falls, NY


Brett is responsible for the coordination of risk management service and for providing comprehensive Risk Control, Mitigation and Safety Management Services for WRM clients.  He has published several articles in national and state journals, and has spoken before numerous groups on law enforcement, risk management, safety management and security related topics.  Brett is a Professional member of the American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE) and has served ASSE as an officer at the local, regional and national levels.  Brett was recently inducted as a Fellow by the Los Angeles Council of Engineering and Scientist’s and received ASSE’s Charles V. Culbertson Outstanding Service Award.

Brett was a Safety and Security Manager for Occidental Chemical and operated his own consulting firm prior to joining WRM.  Brett is a graduate of Indiana University of Pennsylvania with a BS degree in Safety Sciences and a minor in Human Resources Management.  He has earned the Certified Safety Professional designation from the Board of Certified Safety Professionals.


As safety professionals strive to meet the changing dynamic in today’s world, ASSE must adapt, cultivate and strengthen, being at the leading edge of the change cycle.  ASSE must continue to foster growth via our local chapters, while exceeding the needs of current and new members.  This must be done in a manner that shows the value of Membership is far greater that the dues paid.

Today’s generation are experiencing new challenges and technologies that are advancing at a pace unseen in the past.  As our generation “grays”, we need to be in a position to embrace and meet these challenges head on.   Attracting and actively involving these future leaders in safety is paramount.  On a daily basis I work to show, by example, that a career path in safety affords job satisfaction, security, personal satisfaction and markedly impacts an entities’ long-term success.  Senior administrators and executives in these entities that “get it” see the value of risk management and safety as core business and cultural values.  Ensuring others see it in similar fashion is a life long goal.

I see tremendous opportunity to further entrench these core values throughout New York.  I currently see this being demonstrated in our Region VIII chapters and student sections.  My vision and mission is to work actively, communicatively and collectively with the Empire Area Chapters leaders to effectively plan, organize, coordinate and budget this process.