Thomas F. Cecich, CSP, CIH

Area Directors Candidate

Region VI - Northern Area - Frank Cruice, CSP, CHCM, CRSP


Frank J Cruice, CSP, is Senior Director of Corporate Safety & Security for the Perdue Farms Inc. in Salisbury, MD.  He leads the Occupational Safety; Fleet Safety, Emergency Response & Corporate-wide Security services for Perdue Farms Inc., the third largest poultry company in the U.S.  

Cruice has been an ASSE member since 1987 & a professional member since early 90’s.  He was DelMarVa Chapter President from 2005-08 as well as being the chapter delegate since 2001 and its webmaster since 2008.  Frank has also served the DelMarVa Safety Association, as its President, VP, and Treasurer.  He has also been a board member and on annual expo planning committee since 2ooo. In 2012 I became a member of the ASSE Industry Advisory Council (IAC).  In addition, Frank was awarded the Chapter SPY in 2009-10 and the Regional SPY in 2010-11.   During his term as president of the DelMarVa Chapter (2005-08) he was instrumental in reviving the DelMarVa Chapter to the point it is now sponsoring the Northern DE Section.

Also, Frank served as the National Chair of the Safety & Health Committee for the Joint National Chicken Council, National Turkey Federation and US Poultry & Egg Association in 2003-04.  He was also recognized for his leadership and service to the industry by receiving its Lamplighter Award in 2011 at the International Poultry Expo.
He also continues to be a mentor BCSP supporting EHS professionals who seek to advance themselves and our profession.

Platform Statement

ASSE as does every other service organization face the challenge of member engagement while striving to attract new members to our organization.  We also face a much leaner corporate/business landscape then we did just five years ago.  The challenges of ‘more with less’ with our employers as well as the increasing demands family obligations is has been negatively impacting the number of individuals willing to step forward and assume additional work which we all know is required when assuming a leadership role. 

ASSE at the Society, Regional, Chapter & Section positions require a core value of standards and commitments for the operation of our professional group.  Communication & Outreach with our members is paramount to the continued success of both our profession and ASSE.  It is incumbent on those in leadership position to seek ways to motivate & entice our membership to re-engage at all levels within the framework of our association and more specifically their local chapters/sections.

I am paraphrasing our Region VP Vince Miller but I also believe each Chapter/Section should develop a “grass roots” evaluation of their specific chapter area and membership information.  An evaluation and modification of chapter by-laws to meet local membership needs may need to be undertaken.  As members participate in our unique peer-to-peer organization, communication and educational activities will be enhanced.

We, at the Region and Society level have been developing processes & system to reduce the transactional time needed to run our organization while striving to provide tools and services which allow both officers and members to ability to serve while advancing both the profession and the organization (ASSE) that is the vehicle in meeting that shared objective. I think serving in the Area Director position for DE, MD & VA will allow me to leverage my 30+ years of safety, military and business acumen in order to support and grown ASSE in order to better protect those we support on a daily basis.