James Boretti, CSPRegion I Vice President Candidate

James Boretti, CSP


James Boretti, CSP, has more than 28 years’ experience and an extensive background in the safety and health field. James is president of Boretti Inc., a professional SH&E firm providing a broad range of technical and business safety solutions. He provides safety consultation including training, safety process development and implementation, and problem resolution. James holds a B.S. in Business Administration/Marketing from San Diego State University. As a business owner, James provides leadership and oversight of business operations including strategic planning, financial and accounting management, operations, marketing, and staff development and management.

James has been a CSP since June 1996. He is a professional member and an active member of the Region I Regional Operating Committee as Assistant Regional Vice President for Governmental Affairs. He also is an active member of the Society’s Finance, Business of Safety and Professional Conduct committees among others. He has chaired and been a member of several ASSE symposia task forces. James also has served on the Society’s Council on Professional Affairs and has been president of two chapters: Central Valley and Orange County in California. He is a recipient of the President’s Award for continual leadership and mentoring, and the Charles V. Culbertson Outstanding Volunteer Service Award.


The purpose of the Regional Operating Committee (ROC) is to assist the Society in administering its affairs, and guide and mentor Chapters through leadership, assistance and consultation. The Regional Vice President, with the Regional Operating Committee, provides this service to the Region’s Chapters and their corresponding Sections through communication, assistance and mentoring.

The ASSE is a strong professional organization in service to safety, health and environmental professionals.   As a Society, we are and represent a growing diverse profession and group of SH&E professionals. There are several challenges we face in serving our diverse membership.

Membership retention and growth are challenges the Society and Chapters face. While the Society continues to grow through global outreach, Chapters seek to meet the needs of an emerging diverse profession and professional. The Region can serve to assist and guide by focusing on and bridging gaps to successful programs.

Volunteerism & Participation
The strength and lifeblood of our Society is based upon the volunteerism and participatory model. While this model may feel burdensome at times, it does provide the best opportunity for learning, leadership and growth. The Region must be a resource to improve volunteerism and participation through recognition, promoting benefits, and supporting achievement of goals set by Chapters.

Officer Transition
Achievement of strategic plan objectives and goals usually transcend officer terms. Many times Chapter officer transitions involve a steep learning curve that result in officer dismay and burnout. The Region can serve to be a resource in shortening the learning curve through the development of innovative tools and interactive assistance that serve to ease transition and make for a good officer, volunteer experience. The ASSE is a strong professional organization within an ever rapidly diversifying world, and with it, our profession. We can partner within the Region to be successful.