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Get to know your 2015 Society Election Candidates

The succession of candidates from Senior Vice President to President-Elect and President-Elect to President is automatic. Therefore, Michael Belcher and Thomas Cecich will not appear on the actual ballot.


Board of Directors Candidates

Senior Vice President


Director - At - Large


Council Vice President Candidates

Vice President, Professional Affairs


Vice President - Region Affairs

Regional Vice Presidents & Area Directors


Region I - Vice President


Region V - Vice President

Region II: Area Director B
Dustin_Richartz Dustin Richartz, MPH, CSP
Region IV: South Florida Area Director
K_Metz_pic-Region_4_S.FloridaArea_r1_c1 Karen Metz
Region V: Area Director 2
Brian_Hammer Brian Hammer, MPA, CDS
Region VIII: Metro Area Director
SDavis_Region8MetroArea_r1_c1 Shaundree Davis, MPH, CSP

Region VIII: Keystone Area Director


Region III - Vice President


Region VII - Vice President

Region IV: Louisiana Area Director
L_Roux_Headshotz-Region_4_Area_Louisiana_r1_c1 Lance Roux, CSP
Region V: Area Director 1
J_Lange_Head_Shot-Region_5_Area_1_r1_c1 James Lange, MS, CSP, OHST, CRIS
Region VI: Area Director B
A_Edwards_Region6_AreaB Arlene Edwards, CSP

Practice Specialty Candidates

Practice Specialty Assistant Administrator - Academics


Practice Specialty Assistant Administrator - Manufacturing


Practice Specialty Assistant Administrator - Oil & Gas

Practice Specialty Assistant Administrator - Risk Management/Insurance
J_Stevens_RiskManagementInsurancepracticeSpecialty John Stevens, CMIOSH
Practice Specialty Assistant Administrator - Public Sector
Lori_Schroth_PublicSector_AssistantAdmin Lori Schroth, CSP

Practice Specialty Assistant Administrator - Consultants


Practice Specialty Assistant Administrator - Mining


Practice Specialty Assistant Administrator - Utilities


Common Interest Group Candidates

Blacks in Safety Engineering (BISE) Administrator
Patricia_ReedBISEAdmin9 Patricia Reed, MS, CSP
Safety Professionals and the Latino Workforce (SPALW) Administrator
J-Velasquez_Safety-ProfessionalsLatinoWorkforceCIG Jose Velasquez, CSP, CMIOSH

Young Professionals Administrator

Blacks in Safety Engineering (BISE) Assistant Administrator
KSlates_BISEAssistantAdminCIG Kevin Slates, Ed.D., CSP
Women in Safety Engineering (WISE) Administrator
Jennifer_Zipeto_WISE_CIG Jennifer Zipeto, CSP

Voting will begin March 1, 2015.

All Candidates, Society officers and leaders should also be familiar with the Society Election campaign rules, as defined in SOG 6.35.  If you have any questions about 2015 Society Elections or the campaign rules, please contact the Nominations & Elections committee, by e-mailing Kim McDowell, Director of Member and Region Affairs (



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