Pre-Conference Seminars

No. Seminar 6/10 6/11 6/12 6/13
111 CALL FOR AVAILABILITY - Math Review for Certification Exams X      
121 Delivering a High Performance Safety Management System X X    
231 CALL FOR AVAILABILITY - ASP Exam Preparation Workshop   X X X
232 CALL FOR AVAILABILITY - CSP Exam Preparation Workshop   X X X
233 Safety Management I   X X X
234 Corporate Safety Management   X X X
235 Risk Management for the Safety Professional   X X X
236 CHST Exam Preparation Workshop   X X X
311 Auditing Safety and Health Management Systems     X  
312 CANCELLED - Coaching to Improve Safety and Health Performance     X  
313 CANCELLED - Achieving Organizational Social Responsibility: Safetyís Reward     X  
314 Lockout/Tagout (LOTO) A to Z     X  
315 Systematic Slip, Trip and Fall Prevention: Strategies that Work!     X  
321 Reducing Losses from Occupational Health Risks and Environmental Exposures     X X
322 Techniques for Hazard Recognition     X X
323 CANCELLED -- Aligning Safety with Your Organizationís Business Goals: A Six-Step Process     X X
324 Leading Measures of Safety Performance: A Measurement and Metrics Workshop     X X
325 Basic Electrical Safety with Application of NFPA 70E     X X
326 CANCELLED -- The Safe Work Habits Program: A Practical Approach to Leading Safety Improvement     X X
327 Planning, Developing, Management and Tracking the Organizational Performance of EHS Initiatives and Programs: A Mini Safety MBA     X X
411 Predicting Errors Using Human Performance Measurement Tools       X
412 Occupational Risk Assessment Strategies       X
413 People-Based Safety: The Human Dynamics of Achieving an Injury-Free Workplace       X
414 CANCELLED - Change Management and Leadership: Understanding the Dimensions of Change and How to Be More Effective As a Change Leader       X
415 Influencing Your Organization on the Value of Safety       X
416 Prevention through Design (PtD) at Every Phase of the Project       X
417 Techniques for Building a World-Class Safety System       X

Post-Conference Seminars

No. Seminar 6/16 6/17 6/18 6/19
801 1/2 Day Math Review (2:00 - 6:00pm) X      
811 Creating Safety Training Programs That Work   X    
812 Creating a Positive, Proactive and Participative Safety Culture   X    
813 Developing a High-Level Ergonomics Culture   X    
814 Training Supervisors to Become Safety Coaches   X    
815 Conducting a Life Safety Inspection of Your Organization   X    
816 Critical Issues in Construction Safety   X    
817 Preparing Your Organization for Changes from the New OSHA Administration   X    
821 Safety Management II*   X X  
822 Incident Investigation and Root Cause Analysis   X X  
823 Industrial Hygiene for the Safety Professional   X X  
824 Global Environmental, Health and Safety Management   X X  
825 Principles of Leadership   X X  
831 ASP Exam Preparation Workshop   X X X
832 OHST Exam Preparation Workshop   X X X