415 Influencing Your Organization on the Value of Safety

Our success as safety professionals is dependent upon our ability to both influence and educate the decision makers in our organization on the value of our safety initiatives. Simply selling our efforts is no longer good enough. We must be engaged in our organization’s decision-making process and take steps to enhance our credibility by demonstrating safety success. Join us for this seminar to learn a strategic model, based on business marketing strategies, that will help you gain management support for all of your safety efforts.

Learn to
• Identify the needs of your customers (management, your workforce, your board of directors, etc.)
• Determine what motivates the decision makers in your organization and tailor your safety services(product) to meet their needs while achieving safety goals
• Demonstrate the impact of safety and health on the organization’s business goals and outcomes to leaders in your organization through use of business-marketing concepts

Instructor(s): James Boretti, CSP, President, Boretti, Inc., Visalia, CA

Credit: 1 Day / .7 CEU / 1.17 Safety CM Points # 09-2794