413 People-Based Safety: The Human Dynamics of Achieving an Injury-Free Workplace

This workshop will help you understand the dynamics of human nature relevant to increasing the kind of involvement in occupational safety that prevents workplace injuries. You will be able to discuss and implement the psychological principles and strategies applicable to improving the human dynamics of your organization and achieving an injury-free workplace.

Learn to
Utilize principles of people-based psychology, practice and strategies to facilitate a total safety culture
Increase empowerment, ownership and involvement in occupational health and safety
Help people develop self-accountability for safety
Give and receive safety-related feedback
Align safety management systems to drive positive culture change
Use assessment, decision making and improvement tools

Instructor(s): E. Scott Geller, Ph.D., Senior Partner, Safety Performance Solutions, Professor, Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA

Credit: 1 Day / .7 CEU / 1.17 Safety CM Points # 09-2806 / 7 CHMM CMPs