315 Systematic Slip, Trip and Fall Prevention: Strategies that Work!

Slips, trips, and falls have been and remain a major cause of workplace injuries in all industries for as long as loss data has been tracked. Unfortunately, even though new technologies are available, accident rates still remain high. However, you can take actions that will make a difference in your loss experience and in this seminar, you will learn these methods. You will learn that a relatively straightforward set of factors related to floor-related issues, footwear and walking style, can reduce the risks of slips, trips and falls and these measures can be employed in your workplace immediately. While this seminar is focused on same-level falls, many of the points covered will be useful for those seeking to prevent falls from heights..

Learn to
Develop a broad plan for slip, trip, and fall prevention
Implement key risk reduction methods for falls on the same level
Evaluate and select solutions for problem areas
Determine which prevention methods work best together

Instructor(s): David Natalizia, Principal, Dynamic Safety, Inc., Castle Rock, CO

Credit: 1 Day / .7 CEU / 1.17 Safety CM Points # 09-2791