753  Gaining Respect for Ergonomics and Safety in Lean Companies
Sponsored by the Ergonomics Branch of the Industrial Hygiene Practice Specialty

This presentation will review lean principles and show why companies that use them tend to excel competitively. The role of ergonomics and safety will then be discussed and demonstrated as an integral part of lean. Attendees will learn how to gain respect for ergonomics and safety methodology as means to support core lean goals of waste reduction and continuous improvement. Attendees will learn how to recognize and treat employees as more than simple pairs of hands that do physical work. Successful lean recognizes and taps greater human potential, and ergonomists and safety professionals have unique insight and abilities to play a significant role in, or better yet, lead this transformation.

Instructors: Peter M. Budnick, Ph.D., CPE, Ergoweb, Inc., Park City, UT

Level: A E