Techniques for Hazard Recognition

Credit: 2 Days / 1.4 CEU / 2.0 IH CM Points # 07-1971 / .88 CHMM CMP
Description: Employees find it difficult to recognize hazards, even among organizations with the best safety and health management systems. Every organization needs a variety of hazard recognition techniques (as many as 20 to 25 different techniques), to be reasonably assured that the majority of hazards are found. In this seminar, you will learn a variety of techniques including: job hazard analysis, the multi-step planning process, the 10 second drill, out-of-view observations, permitting, new equipment reviews, blue print reviews, safety-by-design, and more.

Learn to
Use a variety of hazard recognition methods
Select the appropriate hazard recognition method for your organization
Establish a management system that develops, implements and audits routinely the various hazard recognition techniques needed
Train your workforce on a variety of techniques for hazard recognition
  Instructor(s): David. F. Coble, MS, CSP, President, Coble, Taylor & Jones Safety Associates, Cary, NC