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Vol. 7, No. 1

Volume 6, Number 3

Systematic review of feedback mechanism improving safety in dynamic and static industry

Muthammal Sadayappan and Dr. Farman A. Moayed, PE

Do Stretching Programs Prevent Work-related Musculoskeletal Disorders?

Sang D. Choi, PhD, CPE, ASP and Todd Woletz, MS

Teaching a Safety Class with a Hybrid Format: A Case Study

Carol Boraiko and Thomas M. Brinthaupt

Evidence that Reducing Knee Injuries in Underground Mining may have a Substantial Impact on Mine Company Finances

Susan M. Moore, PhD and Jonisha Pollard, MS


Volume 6, Number 2

Safety Leadership: The Way We Do Things Around Here

Leigh Ann Blunt

Developing Higher-Level Cognitive Skills in a Fire Protection Course

Roger C. Jensen

A Curricular Design Case Study: Creating Real World Safety Leadership

Wayne Hartz, Melinda Treadwell


Volume 6, Number 1

Food Sources of Lead May Exacerbate Occupational Exposures to Lead: Recommendations for Occupational Investigations

Elisabeth Maxwell, MS and Dr. Cathy Neumann

A Case Study of Consequences Analysis of Ammonia Transportation by Rail from Gurun to Port Klang in Malaysia Using Safti Computer Model

Che Rosmani Che Hassan, Puvaneswaran B., Abdul Aziz Abdul Raman, Noor Zalina Mahmood, Foo Chee Hung, and Nik Meriam Sulaiman

Effects of Safety Training on Risk Tolerance: An Examination of Male Workers in the Surface Mining Industry

Carolyn C. Lehmann, Joel M. Haight, and Judd H. Michael


Volume 5, Number 3

Safety, Health and Environmental Strategies Available to Firms and Being Used by Firms: A Conceptual Framework for Formulating Strategy

By Anthony Veltri, Ed.D., MS, CSHM and Elisabeth Maxwell, MS

A Safety Professional's Review of Natural Rubber Latex Testing in the Workplace

By Michael J. McCoy, M.S., Matthew Wolter and Kim E. Anderson, Ph.D.

A Calcuation of Dynamic Back Compressive Force: A Pilot Study of Identity Load Displacement Velocity Constants

By Andrew S. Merryweather, Ph.D. candidate, Donald S. Bloswick, Ph.D., P.E., CPE and Richard F. Sesek, Ph.D., MPH, CSP

Examination of Noise Hazards for Employees in Bar Environments

By Nancy Lawrence, Ph.D. and Andrew Turrentine

Guest Editorial: Doctorates in Occupational Safety and Health: A Critical Shortage

By Anthony Veltri, Ed.D., MS, CSHM and Jim Ramsay, Ph.D., MA, CSP


Volume 5, Number 1

Text Review: Guide to Evaluating the Effectivness of Strategies for Preventing Work Injuries: How to Show Whether a Safety Intervention Really Works

Original Text by Linda S. Robson, Harry S. Shannon, Linda M. Goldenhar, and Andrew R. Hale
Review Submitted by Michael Behm, Ph.D.

Guest Editorial: Arranging Education Opportunities for Military Veterans in the Safety, Health and Environmental Field

By Anthony Veltri, Ph.D., Oregon State University

The Importance of Safety and Environmental Management Education in Business Schools

By Michael Behm, Ph.D., Anthony Veltri, Ph.D, Hamid Fonooni, Ph.D., and Veronica Haynes

Testing for Hepatitis C in Healthcare Workers Prior to a Known Occupational Exposure: A Reconsideration

By David M. Sine, ARM, CSP, OHST, CPHRM

A Case Study of a Voluntary Protection Program

By Kevin Slates, Ed.D., MPA, Indiana University

Investigation of Ergonomic Issues in the Wisconsin Construction Industry

By Sang D. Choi, Ph.D, CPE


Volume 4, Number 3

The Peltzman Effect: Do Safety Regulations Increase Unsafe Behavior

Paul G. Specht

The Value of SH&E Education & Research

Michael W. Thompson, CSP

Hand Injury Prevention Training: Assessing Knowledge, Attitude and Behavior

Matthew B. Hart, M.S., Cathy M. Neumann, Ph.D., and Anthony T. Veltri, Ph.D.

An Examination of Observations and Incidence Rates for a Behavior Based Safety Program

R. Agraz-Boeneker, W.A. Groves, and J.M. Haight

Text Review: Triangle: The Fire That Changed America

Vicki Huebler, Michael Hupfauer, Barry Loudermilk, and Matthew Rice - Graduate Students at East Carolina University


Volume 4, Number 2

Assessment of Student Learning: Direct and Indirect Methods that Work

Charles W. McGlothlin, Jr., Ph.D., P.E.

Planning and Development of Mock Accident Scenarios

Leigh Ann Blunt, Ed.D., John N. Zey, MS, CIH and Larry Womble, MS

TSDS as an Educational Tool for Non-S&H Majors

Magdy Akladios, Ph.D., P.E., CE, CSHM, CSP

Improve School Safety and Security by Reviewing Lessons Learned from 'Active Shooter' Table Top Exercises

Larry G. Holloway, CSP

Preparing the Next Generation of Air Safety Investigators

Anthony T. Brickhouse, MAS

How to Enlist the Real World of Occupational Safety, Health and Environment to Enhanced Academic Preparation

Lawrence A. Mauerman

Analysis of Ergonomic-Related Injuries in Nursing Homes: A Case Study

Charles W. McGlothlin, Jr., Ph.D., P.E. and Ashley B. Streetman


Volume 4, Number 1

Safety Programs in Large-Size Construction Firms Operating in Egypt

Amr A.G. Hassanein and Ragaa S. Hanna

A Data-Based Evaluation of the Relationship between Occupational Safety and Operation Performance

Anthony Veltri, Mark Pagell, Michael Behm and Ajay Das

Predictive Models for Estimating Metabolic Workload based on Heart Rate and Physical Characteristics

B. Kamalakannan, W. Groves and A. Freivalds

Sounding Board "From Where I Sit"

Mark Friend, Ed.D. CSP - Chair, AAS, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

Review: Training and Development: Enhancing Communication and Leadership Skills

Charles W. McGlothlin, Jr., Ph.D., P.E


Volume 3, Number 3

A Model for the Improvement of Occupational Safety Management

Susana Garcia Herrero, Miguel Angel Mariscal Saldana, Miguel Angel Manzanedo del Campo, and Dale O. Ritzel, Ph.D.

Mock Accidents Challenge Skills of Safety Students

Leigh Ann Blunt, Ed.D. and John N. Zey, MS, CIH


Volume 3, Number 2

The Use of Undergraduate Interns as a Means of Creating Interest in Safety and Industrial Hygiene Careers

James R. DeShaw, Ph.D.

Learning Through Research

Sharon M. D'Orsie, Sc.D. (Hyg), CSP, CIH

Does SH&E Education in High Education Institutes Lead to a Change in Cognative Patterns Among Graduates

Nir Keren, Ph.D; Steven A. Freeman, Ph.D, CSP, CSIT; and Charles V. Schwab, Ph.D

Preparing Safety Professionals for the 21st Century Manufacturing Environment: A Partnership that Works

Charles W. McGlothlin, Jr., Ph.D., P.E.

Problem-Based Learning: A Novel Approach to Teaching Safety, Health and Environmental Courses

James Ramsay, Ph.D and Elbert Sorrell, Ed.D.

Integrating Quality, Ergonomics, Human Factors and Safety Engineering Instruction into the Classroom for Enhanced SH&E Synergy

Lawrence J. H. Schulze, Ph.D., P.E., CPE

Hazardous Materials & Spill Response

Paul G. Specht, Ph.D., CSP


Volume 3, Number 1

A Survey of the Safety Roles and Costs of Injuries in the Roofing Contracting Industry

Sang D. Choi, Ph.D., CPE

Luggage-Pulling Task Evaluation by Kinematics and Subjective Ratings

Myung-Chul Jung, Ph.D.; Joel M. Haight, Ph.D., CSP, CIH; and Andris Freivalds, Ph.D.


Volume 2, Number 3

Construction Safety in Technical Education: A Deadly Oversight?

Dr. Nick Nichols

Facilitating Task-Based Noise Exposure Assessments Utilizing PDAs

Dana C. Reinke, Paul Jurovcik, Jr., and Barbara Fotta


Volume 2, Number 2

Best Practices for Teaching and Presenting Safety Topics

Earl Blair, Ed.D., CSP

Evaluating a Safety Degree Curriculum Using Job Analysis for Professional Safety Practice

Roger L. Brauer, Ph.D., CSP, PE, CPE

Enhancing Industrial Safety Instruction with Laboratory-Based Activities

Denise R. Hearn, MS

A Feasibility Study to Measure Interactive and Cooperative Opportunities Between the Academic Specialties of Both the American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE) and the National Association of Industrial Technology (NAIT)

Wayne D. Jones, Ed.D.

A New Look at Nursing Safety: The Development and Use of JHAs in the Emergency Department

James D. Ramsay, Ph.D, MA

Earning a Ph.D. from an Engineering-Based Safety & Ergonomics Program: The Case for a Flexible Campus-Based Approach

Robert E. (Rob) Thomas, Ph.D., P.E., CPE and Gerard A. (Jerry) David, Ph.D., CSP, CPE


Volume 2, Number 1

Ratings of Perceived Loss of Balance: A Potential Safety Monitoring Technique for Workers Walking/Working on Sloped Surfaces

Sang D. Choi, Ph.D., CPE

Electrical Safety Laboratory Curriculum for the Safety Sciences Undergraduate: Theory to Application

Dr. Laura Helmrich Rhodes, CSP and David P. Rhodes, CSP

Comparison of Student Outcomes for a Classroom-Based vs an Internet-Based Construction Safety Course

H.F. Thomas, R.J. Simmons, G. Jin, A.A. Almeda, and A.A. Mannos


Volume 1, Number 2

Safety Faculty Support for Student Contest Projects

Jerry Davis, Ph.D., CPE, CSP

The Education of a Safety Professional

Bob DeSiervo, CSP

Doctoral Program in Occupational Safety

Mark A. Friend, Ed.D., CSP

Text Review: Construction Safety Management and Engineering

M.E. "Eddie" Greer, CSP, OHST

Use of an Industrial Safety Management Accident Causation Model (ISMAC) for Controlling Operational Practices

Dr. Eric L. Van Fleet


Volume 1, Number 1

Critical Competencies for SH&E Managers: Implications for Educators

Earl H. Blair

Safety Educations and Practitioners Identify the Competencies of an Occupational Safety and Environmental Health Doctoral Degree: An Online Application of the Delphi Technique

William DeLeo


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