The Participation Factor: How To Increase Involvement in Occupational Safety

By E. Scott Geller, Ph.D.

2002, ASSE; softcover; 266 pgs

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Dr. Scott Geller wrote this book based on the belief that too many safety articles and books approach the human or psychology side of safety from the "common sense" perspective-which research shows is often biased and leads to the wrong results.

What safety slogans are more appropriate? What kinds of incentive/reward programs could increase participation? And what safety performance metrics should we use to increase positive stress rather than negative stress (or distress), and thereby encourage empowerment and involvement? In answering these questions, Dr. Geller debunks many of the myths behind the "common sense" approach to improving participation. Included is a new Social Influence Survey (SIS) designed to teach the social dynamics of safety. Selected chapters include:


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