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April 2014

As chief elected officer of the Society, ASSE's president promotes the advancement of the Society and the safety profession, and represents ASSE before members, other relevant professional societies and various governmental agencies. Professional Safety shares his latest thoughts on the Society, the profession and its practice.

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President's Message - April 2014

Greetings! So many exciting things are happening within ASSE right now. I’d like to share some information on several of these initiatives—a sort of "Do You Know?" highlights about the Society.

2013-2014 ASSE President Kathy A. Seabrook, CSP, CMIOSH, EurOSHM

Changing ASSE

Over the past 12 months, ASSE has published articles, fielded questions and delivered webinars to educate members and delegates on the proposed governance model and related bylaws changes. At its winter meeting, ASSE’s Board of Directors agreed on the next step in the governance process: During the House of Delegates (HOD) face-to-face meeting on June 8, in Orlando, FL, delegates will vote on a motion to change ASSE’s governance model by adopting bylaws changes set out in the motion.

For the first time in 20 years, ASSE is seeking to change its governance structure. It is time for a change when you consider the backdrop of challenges the Society faces: the need for more resources among chapters, practice specialties and common interest groups who are directly serving our members; a shrinking volunteer pool; declining employer support for the time commitment many volunteer leader positions currently require; and changes in how members are engaging in ASSE.

Take some time to learn about the proposed changes. One great resource is our restructure website (, where you can find links to articles, webinars and other content about the proposal. Carefully consider the proposal, then ask your region vice president or council vice president any questions you have about how and why ASSE leaders determined that this model will help the Society compete and be viable into the future. In addition, we will host a Society-wide online governance panel discussion on April 24, 2014, at 12:00 p.m. (CDT).

Giving Back & Helping ASSE Grow

If you are interested in giving back to ASSE and the profession, consider participating in the Member-Get-a-Member Scholarship Fund campaign. The Society is donating $1 for each new member who joins ASSE based on a referral by a current member. To date, the campaign has raised nearly $2,900 for the ASSE Foundation. The Member-Get-a-Member Scholarship recipient will be announced this month along with the Foundation’s entire scholarship program. Your participation in these programs demonstrates the power of our network: We help grow the Society and give back to the safety profession at the same time. That’s definitely a win-win. You can learn more about the campaign and fund at

Improving the Member Experience

ASSE’s Council on Member and Region Affairs has approved an online chapter management tool that will streamline chapter-related processes. It is anticipated that this tool will allow chapter leaders to focus more of their limited volunteer time on engaging with local members and meeting their needs. This tool is just one example of ASSE’s ongoing efforts to support chapters and improve the member experience. To learn more, contact ASSE’s Steve Hansen (

Defining the Safety Profession

Through the Council on Professional Affairs and Council on Practices and Standards, ASSE has been working to define the competencies needed to practice safety in the 21st century. In addition, as secretariat of International Network of Safety and Health Practitioner Organizations, ASSE is leading a global initiative to harmonize competency requirements for safety professionals around the world. These efforts also encompass work to revise ANSI/ASSE Z590.2-2003(R2012), Criteria for Establishing the Scope and Function of the Professional Safety Position. Through these initiatives, ASSE is defining the safety profession so that we are better able to demonstrate our value to our employers and other stakeholders.

Potential New ASSE Home

ASSE has identified a potential new headquarters building, and the Board of Directors has approved moving ahead with due diligence and negotiations. This follows on the HOD’s approval in 2012 to search for a new headquarters facility. Look for more details as the process proceeds.

Connecting the Dots

I hope you are now more in the know about some exciting ASSE initiatives and are connecting the dots between these initiatives and your interests. I wonder, How will you connect to our ASSE network today?

"I joined ASSE about 20 years ago. Had I not . . . I would not be the safety professional I am today." - Mike Semones ASSE member and recruiter (12 new member referrals)


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