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April 2014

Professional Safety

For more than 50 years, ASSE's Professional Safety journal has been sharing the latest technical knowledge in SH&E—information that is constantly being developed through research and on-the-job experience.

Each issue delivers practical guidance, techniques and solutions to help SH&E professionals identify hazards, protect people, prevent injuries, improve work environments and educate management that investing in safety is a sound business strategy.

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Welcome to the Professional Safety articles section. Here you'll find this month's offering of articles that deliver cutting-edge information, lessons learned and practical guidance from practioners in the safety, health, and environmental profession.

Full-issue PDFs of Professional Safety (from January 2005 forward) are now available to members through ASSE's Members Only website. Each file contains interactive links to help members navigate through the file. We've also included links to ASSE, regulatory agencies and other sources, and the journal's advertisers. A reader simply needs to mouse over a link to be redirected.

Cover Story

Safety Training Peer-Reviewed

The Value of Vulnerability: Helping Workers Perceive Personal Risk

By Anna H.L. Floyd and H. Landis Floyd II

Safety training is most effective when it helps employees create a personal sense of vulnerability or a heightened risk perception that, in turn, creates a positive shift in safety-related behaviors. This article connects research about how an individual's risk perceptions are formed and how those perceptions influence subsequent behavior with practical experience involving high-risk occupational hazards that have the potential to cause disabling injury or death.


Health Hazards Peer-Reviewed

Settling the Dust:Silica Past, Present & Future

By William D. Cyrs, Matthew H. Le, Dana M. Hollins and John L. Henshaw

Knowledge of health hazards from occupational exposure to crystalline silica has evolved drastically over the past century. Since many workers are still overexposed to silica dust, a comprehensive standard on occupational exposure to crystalline silica has been proposed.

Safety Management Peer-Reviewed

ANSI/AIHA/ASSE Z10-2012: An Overview of the Occupational Health & Safety - Management Systems Standard

By Fred A. Manuele

The 2012 version of Z10 encourages employers to integrate safety-related systems within all other business processes. The standard advocates management commitment, yet also emphasizes employee participation and the importance of their feedback for improvement in systems and processes. This article reviews the standard's key provisions, including its new significant "shall" addition that requires top management to have systems in place to assess risk.


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President's Message

2013-14 President Kathy A. Seabrook, CSP, CMIOSH, EurOSHM

PS Asks

EU-OSHA's Malgorzata Milczarek on workplace stress

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Seven mind-sets of leaders

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Fitness for Duty

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A collection of safety photos featured each month in PS.