White Paper Tackles Post-Boomer Workforce

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A new white paper from Bruce Tulgan and RainmakerThinking Inc. discusses what it calls the “Great Generational Shift”—the transformation in the workforce in the wake of the Baby Boomer exodus. This is more than a change in numbers, the white paper says. Rather, it is an “epic turning point.”

The white paper, “The Great Generational Shift: The Emerging Post-Boomer Workforce,” is the result of two decades of tracking this transformation. Among the major topics, the document discusses changes in the very nature of employment—the current landscape of constant change and uncertainty. For example:

  • The myth of job security is dead.
  • Short-term rewards and benefits are the “new normal.”
  • Employees today are much less likely to believe an employer’s long-term promises.
  • The free-agent mindset is now the prevailing workforce mindset.

The white paper presents the latest findings from the group’s ongoing study, and is intended to help employers and employees understand the factors that contribute to these changes so they can prepare for the coming challenges.

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